Time Flies

The first day of Kindergarten for the Bean was a big tear-jerker success!  While mommy had an emotional breakdown hard time seeing her Bean walk away from her and into the care and guidance of a new school, new friends and even more independence, the Bean was totally excited about all the new adventures she would be having.

The day started out like this.

Then we arrived at school. (She’s loving showing off her new back-pack!)

The Bean’s teacher allowed all the parents to stay while she read a book projected online Kindle application to the classroom.

The Bean and her teacher wished us a good afternoon and then I was off. My sweet little girl didn’t even look back as I left; believe me, I checked. The moment I got into my car looked like this:

Ok, maybe I’d stopped sobbing dried most of my tears at this point.

 The Bean is such a joy. I just don’t understand where the time has gone. Diapers, bottles and binkies are items that while totally foreign to me at this point, seem to have only left my life yesterday. She has had so many firsts that completely revolved around mommy’s care: first smile, first roll-over, first word, first step…but that time is drawing to an end. Her next round of firsts (like today) will revolve less and less around mommy and more and more around friends, teachers, coaches and the like. That is the way it should be, but wow, it’s tough!

I found the following excerpt from a post on Facebook that I wrote on August 28, 2009, just over two years ago. It is amazing that the same thoughts were going through my head as I looked in on her sleeping just last night.

“The Bean is about to turn 4. I have no idea how that happened. I get so frustrated with her sometimes…but all I think when I look in on her sleeping late at night is, “STOP GROWING!” I wish I could stop time…even in this frustrating stage she is in. I already have to share her, and miss out on SO much…where has the time gone?! Why do I waste ANY of it being upset and frustrated with her?! I understand now all the things my own mother told me, I look forward to Grace’s next stage in life, preschool, kindergarten, school…it will all be an adventure…but just for now, can’t she just stay little?!”

Now, that frustrating terrible 3’s stage is long gone, and I find myself with a young girl who is growing into her own way of thinking, sharing and loving. I am so proud of my smart, little Bean.

Watch out world!

One Comment to “Time Flies”

  1. That is a great book and was used in my house as well this year as our little one headed off to school.

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