Before the surprise introduction I must say…wow…perfect weather for today’s 20  13 mile bike ride! Clear, breezy and cool. George and her riding companion, who is yet to be named Nadia, like the gymnast, were aired-up and ready to go! Aren’t they pretty?!

I am so lucky to have a friend like Dixie who will meet me right at my office to go for a ride! (not to mention all the time she put in training with me for our last ½ marathon…but that’s another story!) Dixie is always willing to meet up for a run, a ride, a coffee, or just a chat…even when she’s still on conference calls with clients and co-workers.

It was a pretty fast, flat ride today…makes us feel like wonder-women!

Now, onto the surprise introduction I promised this morning! I say surprise introduction only because I have not mentioned this family member on the blog yet…for those of you who already know me, I’m sorry, this will neither be a surprise or an introduction.

Here we go! The family member I want to introduce to you to plays many roles in our household. Some of these include:

Running and Biking Partner (after ridiculous amounts a little training, I’ll make sure to do a “running with your pup” post in the future, he is now my favorite running partner.)

Hunting companion for the Sweetheart

S’more-making Helper

Smile creator – isn’t he sweeeet?!

Stick Fetcher – this may not be an actual household role,

but he sure thinks it’s important! This is after a water retrieve.

Have I given it away? This is our Sweet Boy.

Other than the Sweetheart, the only boy.

There seems to be a Sweet Boy picture for every season.

He’s helpful all year-round! Like here, helping in a friend’s vineyard.

Our Sweet Boy is nearly 6 years old…going on nearly 6 months old. Somewhere in his brain, he stopped aging as a young puppy. Though he weighs in at nearly 90 pounds…he wiggles, jumps, and plows around like he’s a tiny pup. I have never…ever…witnessed a dog with more energy!

Here’s the sweet pup vying for attention after the Bean and the Pumpkin got done playing in their princess tent. I’m sure he’s saying, “Look guys, I’m a princess too! Wanna play?”

Speaking of which…

Our Sweet Boy is a pretty good pup.

Aren’t dogs amazing? My yoga instructor once said, “Dogs are my role model. I can look outside on a gloomy morning and think of a hundred reasons to complain…but dogs, they’re just happy to be going outside. No matter what. I love that.”

I love that too, Doc! Our Sweet Boy makes the whole family smile. I’m sure he will make many more appearances in blogs to come.

Have an amazing night everyone, Happy Friday Eve!

Speaking of Friday Eve, I realized just today that a 3-day weekend is approaching. Is anyone else happy about that?


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