Leftovers with a Twist

Good morning! I hope your Thursday is off to a great start! Can you believe it’s the first of September already? Where has the summer gone?

Last night we used up some of our delicious beer-can chicken leftovers and added a couple of fresh sides.

Cheesy Broccoli with Toasted Pine Nuts

Grilled Sweet Corn

15 minutes and dinner was on the table! Always a good thing on a busy Wednesday night. How do you feel about leftovers? It seems to be something people either love or hate!

I paired dinner with an ice-cold glass of water, because I went for a quick 3 mile run after the Bean went to bed. I must say, I am LOVING the cool late-summer evenings.

Tonight, I will be enjoying the weather on this.

I call her George. As in, George. I’ve had her for about 3 months and I adore her! I highly recommend road biking as a cross training companion to running. So much fun! If you’re as frustrated confused as I was when I was looking for a perfect road bike, look at what Caitlin has to say buying one. Using her tips and one of my best friend’s eye for a bargain, I got George for a steal and she was worth every penny! More on George at a later date!

Have an awesome Thursday and check back tonight for a surprise introduction that I’m sure you’ll love!

4 Comments to “Leftovers with a Twist”

  1. I have been riding my road bike a lot during my recovery from the half-marathon.

  2. I LOVE LEFTOVERS! Honestly I think most things are better the second time around. I’ve been eating a BBQ beef roast all week long…open faced sandwiches, salads, nachos. The options never end!

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