A Change of Plans

While at work yesterday, the Sweetheart called to tell me he was picking up fresh salmon for dinner from a friend’s ranch that he is checking in on while they are out of town. Whoot! No one grills salmon like the Sweetheart. All afternoon I was daydreaming about the side dishes we could make to accompany what would be the best dinner of the week.

As I was driving home from my bike ride, the Sweetheart called. It went a little like this.

Him: Hey Sweets! There has been a giant change of plans for dinner. Did you know that it’s the first kickoff for UNLV football? Isn’t that awesome?!

Me: Hmmm…yea. That’s great. So, I’m guessing salmon is off the table for the big game then huh? What are you thinking?

Him: Only the most awesome meal ever! I’m headed to the store, see you at home.

The Sweatheart earned his PhD from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Rebel football season is a big deal, even though, as he puts it, “Our local middle school has a fair shot at beating them.”

Their football team needs some work. Sorry Rebels, we still love you!

Just wait for basketball season…then it’s ON!

Anyway, I digress. To make a long story short, this is the Sweetheart’s idea of game food.

Disclaimer: Nevermind. There are no words.

I couldn’t give him too hard of a time though, he loves his Rebels.

Look how excited he is!

Luckily, he also brought home the fixings for what would be my meal.

I’m just not a chili-cheese-jalapeno-queso-raw onion hot dog kind of girl.

Although, I do enjoy most of those ingredients, just not all together.

This hit the spot though, while still totally fitting into the “game food” realm. Yumm!

Chicken (leftover from beer-can night) Nachos with cheese, black beans,

fresh tomatoes, avocado, sour cream and Cholula hot sauce.

Sometimes, a change of plans is just what the Doctor ordered!

How does change affect you? Do you roll with it or does it stress you out? I have seriously mellowed out in the last few years, mostly because I know that whatever the plan turns out to be, we’re going to have a blast! (I mean…just look at those nachos, right?!)

Happy Friday everyone! I’m working on my first running post for tonight. Check back, it will be the first of many!

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