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September 3, 2011

Never Judge a Book By…well, you know.

My sweet friend Dixie and her Hubby, Bob, stopped by to say Hi this evening. We love to see them!

This is Dixie and Bob in New Zealand over Christmas.

When they arrived, Dixie happily held out a gift for us.

Mmmm…chicken base. How lucky are we?!

My mother always told me not to judge a book by its cover. No kidding mom!

Fresh raspberries from Dixie and Bob’s patch. That is lucky! I always say that I’m going to make something out of them…but I don’t think a container has ever lasted long enough for that! Sooo delicious!

On to dinner! I finally got my salmon! After the game night debacle I wasn’t sure I’d ever get a bite of this delicious fresh fish! Ok, so that was just two nights ago…but when I’m excited about something..I’m EXCITED!

The Sweetheart sprinkled the salmon with a garlic/onion mix,  red pepper and brown sugar. Mmm…you make me feel so good.

Again, I digress. Also, I’m not sure where the Veggie Tales pirate came from. Maybe he caught the salmon?

After 10 minutes on the grill, the seasonings melted into the brown sugar to make this incredible sweet and spicy glaze. Yum! Served with a side of tomato salad. I’m obsessed. I could live off of tomato salad in the summertime. Sooo good!

This was such a simple, flavor-full Friday night dinner. Once I tasted the Sweetheart’s salmon glaze, the wheels began turning on all the other foods we could use it on!

Moving on…

We spent this morning at our local farmers market. So amazing! Check back tomorrow for all of our fun finds and some tips and tricks for farmers market shopping!

Until then, have a great Saturday!

Speaking of a fun weekend, what’s everyone doing for Labor Day?!