Labor Day Weekend, 2011

Well hello! Labor Day weekend, 2011, has been HUGE! It’s been  full of some of our favorite people and places,  and I am so excited to share some of it with you!

First thing on Saturday, the Sweetheart, Bean and I started out at my favorite breakfast spot in town.

The Colonial House Restaurant. Local Ownership, freshly made breakfast, lunch, dinner and amazing service. Yumm!

I learned a little something about blogging at breakfast. If you inhale your entire meal before taking any pictures, you won’t be able to add pictures of what the amazing meal to the blog. Crazy right? I know. It just looked and smelled soo  good. I don’t know what happened.

After breakfast, the Sweetheart split off to run some errands and the Bean and I made a quick stop at our local bakery to pick up some goodies.

Piece of Cake is absolutely the best bakery in the area! They offer everything you could imagine.

Including made-from-scratch daily meals. I highly recommend Piece of Cake for lunch if you happen to be downtown. Perfection!

Next up, we headed to the farmer’s market. You can read all about our finds, and all the amazing reasons to fall in love with your nearest market, here.

Some fun in the park took place in the afternoon. A beautiful day, Fall is definitely on its way!

Followed by dinner at home with Dixie, Bob and the OU football Game. Go Sooners! It was a very different game than the UNLV football game. OU is ranked # 1 right now! Whoot!

Isn’t this amazing?

Grilled T-bone with Bob’s newly famous glaze, which he whipped up with red wine, brown sugar, mushrooms, and a mess of other delicious love. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Along side were roasted potatoes with rosemary and thyme, fresh ciabatta bread, tomato salad and steamed green beans. What a meal!

Sunday started out with this.

Lucky! Farm fresh eggs PLUS a twin. My day was off to a great start!

The rest of Sunday consisted of one of my very favorite things…relaxing! We went to lunch with some friends and then I headed home for a very important nap, followed by some time out on the lake fishing, and then out to the cabin!

If I haven’t told you already, the Sweetheart has an amazing cabin outside of town. In the last year, he has completely gutted and renovated it into one of the most amazing places you can imagine. It is such a short distance outside of town, but you feel like you’re a hundred miles from anyone!

After a simple dinner at the cabin, we sat down for a little reading time. The temperature had taken a HUGE dip and I went upstairs to find something warm.

This peace-sign butterfly blanket was all I could find…so the Sweetheart did what he does best…he decided to be amazing.

A little on the dark side…but are you getting the idea?

That’s more like it! First evening with a fire in the fireplace…not bad huh? Heaven is more the term I would use!

Back to book reading! I’m in the middle of Wicked by Greg Maguire and the Sweetheart just started Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. We are both enjoying our picks!

Our Sweet Boy was enjoying some down-time too!

What an incredible weekend! What did everyone else do? I hope you had some fun, a little time to relax and a whole lot of laughs!

I threw a couple of workouts into the weekend craziness, check back tomorrow for a weekend workout recap, and a look at what this next week in fitness will bring. I’ve committed to a brand new goal and I’ve got just about 3 months to get there. Very exciting…can’t wait to share.


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