Weekend Fitness Recap and a Look Ahead

Welcome back to the work week! I hope everyone’s long weekend was spectacular!

Even though this last weekend felt full to the top, I got in a couple of really great workouts! Win!

Here’s a quick re-cap and a sneak peak at my newest goal for the Fall!

I had mentioned on Friday that I ended the workweek with some yoga…perfection. Saturday was jam-packed so I took it as a rest day. It felt amazing…and much needed!

On Sunday afternoon, our Sweet Boy gave me this look on the way out to the cabin…

…reminding me that I’d promised him a run earlier in the day, which I’d postponed after a yummy lunch invite.

So, I strapped on my running shoes…

…and off we went!

The goal was to run from the neighborhood dog park, into the canyon, finishing at the Sweetheart’s cabin. Just under 4 miles.

He’s so over this photo thing! Let’s go!

This is the road leading into the canyon.

Starts with a nice downhill…don’t be fooled, the rest is up up up!

It was a gorgeous evening. The first night without mosquitoes all summer! Seriously, it was ridiculous, the mosquitoes this summer….they would bite regardless of spray…through your clothes.

Any run here is amazing, but Sunday was perfection. The weather was cool, the breeze brisk. The perfect run…truly the best of the summer!

These are the last of the summer flowers left in the canyon…

…but Fall is definitely right around the corner!

Toward the end of our run, we ran into on of our Sweet Boy’s buddies.

He was super happy to see his bud!

Amazing! The very end of our run led us to this…

A perfect view to end the evening!

Monday I got up bright and early to meet Dixie and our friend Fox for a bike ride. So much fun!

Here we go!

Time for a break…almost to the halfway mark!

Breathe! The hills today were killer

…but at least the cows were friendly!

Halfway…and you know what they say, “Whatever goes up, must come down!”

Whooosh! The ride back was fast! Love it!

I’m calling that 25 miles! Nice ladies!

I love making the time for outings like this. You feel so amazing knowing you’re doing something to make yourself stronger…and it’s so much fun!

A little stretching afterward…and…DONE! Ah!

So I was telling you about a new goal I’ve set for myself. I’ve had a little trouble running longer distances this summer, anything over about 10 miles and I get a re-occurring stress fracture in my left foot. So, I’ve decided to go back to where I started, my first race, the Turkey Trot 5K, and attempt to crush my previous two times. The first year I ran it was in 2009 with a time of 34 minutes. Last year I took off almost 4 minutes, coming in just over 30 minutes.

So, here’s my goal.

  • Shorter distance training, nothing over 6 miles.
  • Lots of speed-work.
  • Proper fueling and hydration every day, even on rest days!
  • All leading to a 2011 Turkey Trot 5K time of 27 minutes or less.

The Turkey Trot 5K is on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th. Two and a half months from now!

I’m also running a marathon relay on October 9th, I think my leg of the race is just over 6 miles, and should fit perfectly into my training plan!

I plan on running the Turkey Trot route one day this week, so I have a current starting point with my time. I’ll let you know how that goes and am excited about tracking my progress!

This Week

Monday:          20+ Mile Bike

Tuesday:          Yoga at the Studio

Wednesday:    5k Timed Run (Turkey Trot Route)

Thursday:        12 – 15 Mile Bike

Friday:              Yoga at the Studio

Saturday:         Rest

Sunday:           4 Mile Run – Speedwork

What are your fitness goals for the rest of 2011?

3 Comments to “Weekend Fitness Recap and a Look Ahead”

  1. What an adorable little dog you have there 🙂 Looks like you two had one awesome run!

    My dog is so puny he would never be able to run with me 😦 haha!

  2. WOW where you live is SO BEAUTIFUL!! Uh London not so much! 😛

    AMAZING run and bike ride!! You’re workout week looks like such FUN, and good luck with achieving your goals!! 🙂

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