Dinner Three (or more) Ways

Happy Thursday afternoon Friday Eve! I can feel the weekend approaching!

As promised, a quick and easy meal idea! Last night, I hit up yoga after work (my weekly schedule is a little off…I’m doing my timed 5K tonight instead) and got home a little later than expected.

When the Bean and I arrived home, we could see, and smell, what the Sweetheart had cooking!

Some of the dinner fixin’s. Yumm!

Mmmm! Half a grilled bacon-cheddar cheese burger on a whole wheat bun, with carrot sticks, tomato, avocado and a couple of fries!

Super fresh, super easy, super delicious!

You can totally mix this up to suit your own taste buds, no matter what your food personality might be!

  1. Season and grill up a small chicken breast instead of a burger. Put the chicken in a Ziplock bag with your favorite Italian dressing for 30 minutes before grilling and it will come out perfectly seasoned with nearly no effort!
  2. Try a veggie burger recipe instead. One I’ve been wanting to try is from Angela at Oh She Glows. You can find it here.
  3. Rub a Portobella mushroom with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Put it on the grill for about 4-6 minutes, flip it, and grill for another 4-6 minutes. Yumm…perfection!

Happy Grilling!

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday …any fun plans for the weekend yet?

One Comment to “Dinner Three (or more) Ways”

  1. This looks like an awesome dinner! 🙂 Good job, “sweetheart”!

    I’ve been wanting to try making a veggie burger, too! If you try out Angela’s recipe, let me know! 🙂

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