Walk, Swim, Play!

Hello! I hope you’re having a great morning! I don’t want to forget to share a super-fun outing I had the other day…

…but first, an introduction!

This is my Dad, Dad CYL to you.

Dad CYL is a pretty amazing guy.

He loves his only Daughter…

…And his Granddaughter Bean. (She’s think she looks really cool in Grandpa CYL’s glasses!)

He is a remarkable hand-bell player and director….

…A pilot…

…And a retired Lt. Colonel in the Air Force.

Plus, Mom and Dad CYL have been married for 36 years. Pretty cool stuff!

Moving on…last Monday, after my bike ride, Dad CYL called and asked about a walking trail near my house. Mom CYL is out of town and he was looking to take their pup for a walk. I told him that there is a beautiful walking trail just about 2 blocks from my house and that if he could wait a couple of hours, I would love to go with him.

After I had some time to catch up on some things, (i.e. get some chow and recover from our bike ride) Dad CYL came over with his Pup and we headed out.

Of course, I took our Sweet Boy with us too.

About 2 blocks from my house is this awesome walking/nature trail, which is actually pretty new. When I moved to the neighborhood about 3 years ago, I thought, “that is a beautiful area, I wonder why no one is doing anything with it.” Now, it’s gorgeous…thanks to the Rushmore Lions Club!

Amazing light coming through the trees. Love this place!

Well taken-care of, this 1 mile loop-trail is perfect for walking or running, and because of the trees and the creek, is always about 5-10 degrees cooler than anywhere else in town.

Plus, in the middle of the loop is a perfect spot to fish, set up a picnic, do some stretching after a run, or in our case, for the pups to play in the water. This was one of the first times that Pup CYL had ever been in the water!

Pup CYL and our Sweet Boy are very different dogs.

Dad CYL with the pups.

We had so much fun! Thanks for the walk guys!

Now, off to work!

Check back later for a quick, easy and delicious dinner idea…perfect for your busy Thursday night!

5 Comments to “Walk, Swim, Play!”

  1. What fun! Wherever I move next, I will definitely be looking for access to a trail like this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. awww, thanks for the intros! what sweet pups 🙂 that trail looks beautiful! we have the lakefront trail here in chicago which is spectacular, but i do miss green pathways. happy thursday!

    • One of my favorite movies is, The Breakup, with Jennifer Aniston. There’s a scene where she is running by the lake in Chicago..that scene has always made me want to visit the Windy City!

  3. Jamie,

    Rushmore Lions Club is very happy that you are enjoying the Rushmore Lions Nature Park. Your pictures are great.
    We are about 50% done with what we will be doing for the park. Everything that we do in the park has to be very natural. Eventually there will be a improved path under the bridge over to the parking next to Canyon Lake and a set of stairs coming down from Chapel Lane. Did you find the Granite dog house? Its along the hill towards the fish hatchery.

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