Fall Running Gear

Surprise! Fall is right around the corner, two weeks from today!

The Fall season around these parts is definitely my favorite! Generally speaking, the weather is perfect for all of my favorite activities…including running!

Running is an amazing sport. It gives to you what you give to it. When you work hard and fuel properly, the results are worth everything you put in. It’s also a relatively inexpensive sport. You don’t need a gym membership and you don’t need any fancy equipment.

I truly believe that as long as you dress properly, you can run in any kind of weather (storms excluded. storms are scary.) and on any budget. Well, technically I only know about running on a very tight budget, so I guess I am assuming a little here.

As I was saying earlier, Fall in the Black Hills is awesome. Mostly 60s during the day and a whole lot of sunshine, although I have seen ice and snow as early as October 1st. The changing of the leaves is amazing also…I will make sure to share that with you when it’s time!

Fall running gear can range from shorts and tanks to tights and gloves…and everything in between! Generally though, if you live in a climate where you have 4 distinct seasons, the below guide should help you get up and running…for the Fall running season. All of the clothing and gear I use is, or was at one time, available at my favorite online running store, Road Runner Sports. They offer discounted prices and even deeper membership discounts. I highly recommend!

Note: I am not paid or sponsored by any organization; this is the clothing and gear that I choose to use,

because it is what works for me!

Shoes – Brooks Adrenaline model 11

I have only ever run in the Brooks Adrenaline. I’ve used models 9 through 11. They are perfect for me, except the 9, which was totally wacky! I do notice that they absolutely have to be replaced after 350 miles, or I start to get shin splints. Other than that, they are the perfect shoe for a slight over-pronator needing medium support and lots of cushion. If you’re completely confused unsure about your running shoe needs, head on over to your local specialty running store to have an analysis done. They can help you find the perfect shoe for your own personal needs.

This is the last two years or so of my Adrenaline’s. Don’t ask me why I keep them. I don’t know.



Under Armour Women’s Long Sleeve Tech Tee. Moisture-wicking, soft and loosely fitting (but not baggy). I love this top, it is perfect for Fall and Winter. Its Technical Fabric helps to keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cooler weather!

BONUS: You can get this top at Cabelas (click the link) right now for $12.00. Hurry, super limited supply left!


This is the Women’s Nike Swift Y-back. It’s super supportive, moisture-wicking and very affordable. I got this one online for about $20.00. My new mission is to get one in every color!


Energy Zone Womens Performance Capri. I love capris in the Fall! These are my favorite. They’re from Shopko, and are very reasonably priced. I’ve had two pairs of these for over two years and they’re still in great shape. I’m still on the prowl for the perfect bottom though. I’m so short waisted, and I’ve never found a bottom that can fashionably and comfortably sit below my belly button. Let me know if you’ve got any suggestions!


I love these Smart Wool Running Socks. I never understood why socks were a big deal in running, until I tried these. My feet feel so much better and drier during my entire run! A must, in my opinion!


I adore this Under Armour Running Cap. I wear it on almost every run! It’s super breathable, lightweight and really cute! I found this one in the Bargain Barn at Cabela’s for $5.00. I wish I’d bought all of them! I don’t think this cap is available any longer, but click the link for a similar cap!

As you get more and more into the sport, you will find yourself eying some fancy toys that you will think that you need. You don’t need them. They sure are fun though! Here are two of my favorites!

Hydration Belt

Nathan Speed 2 Energy Belt.  This is the only belt I’ve tried that really stays in place! I love the extra pocket for my phone and a gel. The bottles are replaceable for just a couple bucks too, if you’re super smart like I was and put them in the dishwasher. They clearly state not to…and I found out why! For me, this was totally worth the money…especially on long runs!

Training Watch

Garmin 305. I saved-up for and bought this watch at the beginning of the summer and have not been disappointed! I don’t choose to run with it all the time, but when I do, I love the distance and pace indicator. The GPS seems to work really well, even on trail runs. I’ve linked you to the Garmin 305, even though Garmin has a newer model out. The 305 is still available online (click the link for the best value I could find) and for me, it made more sense as a first-time buyer of a training watch.

Have you noticed that I don’t have any sort of media player listed? That’s because I don’t listen to anything when I run. I’m not sure why, but I find it helps me to more fully relax, breathe and enjoy myself. When I first started running, I could not run without music but now, I just don’t like it. I much prefer the sound of my own breath or the amazing therapy conversation that comes with a running partner.

I hope this helps get you started for Fall, or at the very least, gives you some fun links to great deals on the gear that I love. Happy Running!

What are your must-haves for running in the Fall? What is on your wishlist?

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