Vegan Love – A First Attempt

Welcome back! So, I promised all the juicy details about last night’s amazing time! As you know, or will know eventually, I am not a girl into any sort of drama…the juicy details from last night are all…food related! Yumm!

Dixie and Bob had a Harvest Festival BBQ last night. The idea was to bring something from the garden or the farmers market that you need to use up! Super cute idea, yes?! It was amazing!

Thinking about fresh, wholesome ingredients, I immediately thought about Angela from Oh She Glows. She’s incredible. While we do not share the exact same food personality, (she eats an entirely vegan diet, I do not) I love her blog and her views on self-worth and positivity. I’ve been a little intimidated to try her recipes because it’s so foreign to me…but I thought the Harvest Festival BBQ would be the perfect opportunity to give my first attempt at a vegan recipe a whirl! Dixie was totally on board with it too…we decided on veggie burgers.

Angela’s recipe for the perfect veggie burger can be found, here. The only thing we changed was instead of milling the oats into flour, we used 1/2 cup of soy flour and 1/2 cup of buckwheat flour. (We couldn’t decide on which one to use…so we split the difference!)

Here’s how it went down:

Dixie and Bob’s kitchen. They’re about to remodel…how exciting!

We started by cooking up some garlic and onions and getting the dry ingredients together.

After mixing and mixing…the batter came together very nicely. Flax eggs…who knew?!

Working the patties!

Beautiful! We may or may not have tasted the batter at this point…yummmm!

On the skillet. The anticipation builds…

…and out to the table. Regular burgers were on the menu too…

…but the Sweetheart chose a veggie burger. I know, right?! Totally impressed, and flattered!

On the plate, it was a thing of beauty! But…how did it taste?

They were…everything Angela said they’d be! They were so delicious…everyone thought they had great flavor and amazing texture.

Oh She Glows Perfect Veggie Burger gets the Harvest Festival BBQ’s stamp of deliciousness!

As for the rest of the Festival…

Tomato salad with toasted pine nuts and balsamic vinaigrette.

Tossed salad with all the fixings.

Fresh Pineapple.

Bob’s secret home-made pesto. Yes, please! I smeared this on my veggie burger bun…perfection!

And a whole lot of fun!

We ended the night with a fire…

…and some S’mores…of course!

Dixie also made this CRAZY AWESOME fresh raspberry sorbet. I was too busy filling my tummy with it…and forgot to take a picture. Sorry….I couldn’t risk putting it down, you know!?

The really great thing is that Dixie and Bob proved with their Harvest Festival BBQ, an outdoor get-together doesn’t have to be a disaster for your healthy-eating lifestyle. Armed with the right ingredients and some great recipes…a fun, delicious, and healthy BBQ is yours for the taking!

It was truly an amazing night. Fresh food, great friends and a beautiful end-of-summer-evening…these are a few of my favorite things!

Have a great evening!

3 Comments to “Vegan Love – A First Attempt”

  1. Hummm, veggie burger vs all American beef burger… tough choice…

  2. That looks like a fantastic BBQ. My husband and I just got one, and I really want to grill some before the weather turns. I have a sick addiction to veggie burgers. People at my work think I am a vegetarian because if I eat in the cafeteria I usually get the veggie burger, but really I just like them!

    OK, now I am craving a veggie burger.. 🙂

    • I forget…where do you live? We BBQ year-round here…we’re addicted! I’ve been known to brush snow off the grill during a bad craving! Haha! Thanks for the comment!

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