The Sweetheart Knot

I’m about to let you in on a very fun secret…shhh…don’t tell anyone!

How many times have you looked down during a run and found this…

Super frustrating, yes?

I think so too. Untied shoes used to drive me crazy on my runs. You just get into a groove…and you have to stop.

That was until I learned the secret of the Sweetheart Knot.

Looks like a regular tie right? No way…this knot is guaranteed to make it through any run. Of course, I have no way of actually guaranteeing that…but it’s worked for me!

The Sweatheart grew-up rock climbing and has summited some pretty amazing mountain peaks, and therefore learned some pretty awesome knots, among other things!

Here’s the low-down, super easy!

Start with laced-up shoes…

…make your initial loop like you always would.

Now, instead of looping the initial tie around once…loop twice.

This is the first secret…it keeps your shoe’s tongue perfectly in place during the whole run!

Next, make two bunny ears and loop one around the other, just like a regular tie …

…and then loop the same bunny ear around again, along with one of the tails.

So basically, you double up each step…and then…

…pull tight.

There you go!

What’s even cooler is that all you do to untie is…

…pull! And you’re back to the start.

It’s the simple things in life…happy running!

BONUS: I made a video on my camera, but can’t get it to download onto my PC. Anyone who can help gets giants bonus points…forever!

One Comment to “The Sweetheart Knot”

  1. I’ll have to give that a try!

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