Weekend Happenings – On a Tuesday

Wow, well we had a seriously crazy weekend! Even Monday flew by…and I’m not complaining!

There are a couple things I didn’t want you to miss out on from the weekend, so I figured…even a day late is worth a Weekend Happening post!

Here we go!

Saturday, Care Bear and I went to the farmers Market. Shocker, I found a bunch of tomatoes…

…but also a yummy eggplant!

The peaches are actually a treat the Sweetheart brought home, they’re delicious!

Saturday evening I failed, big-time, in the pizza department…

…I went to flip it around and, FLOP.

I’m still peeling melted cheese out of the storage compartment under the oven! Lucky!

We also doggie-sat this beauty for some good friends of ours. We call her Coyote, even though she’s not a coyote. She’s pretty low-key. Basically she does two things. She sleeps…a lot…

…and digs in garbage cans. This is the 5th time I cleaned it up. After that I got smart and put it up on the counter.

Coyote’s almost 100 in dog years…and with a face like this…she can pretty much get away with anything. Love you Coyote!

This week, I’ve got a couple of fun posts for you…keep checking back! Tonight I’ve got my 2nd timed 5K and I’m both excited and nervous about it. We are currently under a high wind warning: 45 mph gusts and power outages. Yikes!

I’ll get the results up asap.

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