Technical Trouble and a New Sport

 Good morning! I hope you are all having an amazing weekend so far!

Like I said yesterday, our Saturday was definitely surprising. Our day was beautiful, we had some adventure, and when we finally sat down for dinner…I found myself completely flabbergasted. (Yes, flabbergasted!)

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve said, “this is just ridiculous…this is crazy-town!”

That was our Saturday afternoon. I was snapping photos like nobody’s business…and last night, I was thinking about all the fun I’d have sharing it.

The epic failure of me forgetting my USB cable for my camera at work is definitely going to put a damper on that though. 😦

I promise to get you all the messy juicy details, in full glory, tomorrow. It will be well worth the wait, especially for my midwest friends…who I believe will have the same reaction to our afternoon as I did!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some fun we had Thursday evening that I hadn’t gotten up yet.

Growing up, I didn’t really play any sports. I wasn’t very athletic at all actually. As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized it was not because I didn’t have it in me…I was just never really exposed to it.

Because of this, it has always been really important to me to allow the Bean the opportunity to try sports, be a part of them with her, and have fun with it.

Thursday evening, we took the baseball out for a game of catch. At first, the Bean was a little leery of the catcher’s mitt.  

 But, like with everything else…she decided she was going to Rock It!

 We had such a great time. The Bean is a natural…no really! She’s got a great  arm on her! I think it is so important to get out there with your kids and show them new, fun things. If you share in the fun with them, they’re going to be more likely to want to continue to share with you as they get bigger!

After our game, we headed in to make some dinner. Nothing quite hits the spot on a warm evening like the perfect wedge salad and hot-from-the-oven beer bread.


 We make our wedge with tons of cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, bacon and blue cheese. Yumm! 

 Now, I am off for an easy (as in, slow…not actually easy!) 5 miler. Our marathon relay is next Sunday and I am super excited. Last year, this specific race was one of the most memorable events of the summer! I can’t wait to share it iwth you!

Speaking of sharing, I promise to get our crazy weekend up for you tomorrow! Sorry for the technical trouble!

I’m thinking about getting the Bean started in some sort of running program. She has been asking me to for two years. How do you guys feel about kids running? Is there a “right age” to get them started?

5 Comments to “Technical Trouble and a New Sport”

  1. Little Bean’s neck scarf is so dang cute!!! She does look like a natural! I loved when my parents/brothers and sister would play sports with me as a kid… Your daughter will love you for that!

    I would say if she wants to run, then no age is too early. I used to go to the local YMCA and run laps with my dad when I was super little (5 years old)… He would do a mile in about the time I got a lap out, but I felt so cool to be able to go do it with him. I never did any organized running until I was 12 (in middle school) but I ran plenty in the other sports that I did… mostly soccer. I’d say just encourage her in any physical activity or sport and set a good example of being active and she’ll follow suit and come around to running at just the right time!

  2. Thank you! That is great advice!

  3. i don’t think any age is too early if she’s into it! i started swimming when i was 5 and ended up doing it competitively for the next 16 years! if the little bean is excited about running, i say go for it. i say in the age of television and video games, it’s a blessing to have a little girl interested in being active.

    can’t wait to hear the stories!!

  4. We have a runner’s club at my school and the kids run before school a few days a week. I am quite certain they have the same thing at the Bean’s school, as her PE teacher used to be at my school and started our runner’s club. Also, if you ever do a big city marathon they usually have a kid run. Logan ran in last year’s Denver marathon kid run. It was super fun and he loved it! Hope this gives you some ideas:)

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