Just Another South Dakota Weekend

Welcome back to the workweek!

I am so excited to finally get this up for you guys! I have to say, we had quite a weekend. Sometimes, it’s the unexpected things in life that make me the happiest. This, is one of those times.

Quick Disclaimer: My vegetarian friends may want to skip this post. No, really. Just a heads up.


Just another Fall Saturday in South Dakota. We’d just finished up some trail work for the upcoming cross-country ski season. I’ll fill you in on that later this week.

After we were done with our work, we headed out to a friend’s cabin for an appreciation meal for an organization the Sweetheart has been involved with for…well, forever. More on that later this week too. This land is at our friend’s cabin. Here’s where the crazy starts!

All the fixin’s for a yummy meal, right? Corn, onions, potatoes. Yumm!

While the meal cooked, we all hung out. This is my friend T. Isn’t she purdy?!

The Bean did more of this. We were all getting very hungry, and heard it was time to put the meat on! Yay!

Did someone say lobster feed? What?!

Like I said, just another Fall day in the middle of the forest, in South Dakota. T and her hubby know that if you’re going to do it up, you’d better do it up in style! They had 30 live, Maine lobster flown in Saturday morning for our meal Saturday afternoon.

Steamy camera lens. These babies were HOT!

There we go! Can you see why I’m thinking, “this is crazy-town!” Well, if this is crazy-town, I’m moving in!

The Bean and I shared a plate.

Here’s the Sweetheart’s plate…

…and the Sweetheart.

Of course T had to show us how to properly crack a claw. I failed to snap a photo of what our shirts looked like after this. It wasn’t pretty. Totally worth it though!


Dessert came in the form of watermelon slices, and a giant cookie. I had both.

Sometimes…it’s the surprises in life, like a lobster feed on a beautiful Fall day in South Dakota, that remind me how lucky we are. We’ve got great family, live in a beautiful state, are in the middle of a gorgeous fall…and have friends that fly lobster in, from Maine. Heck…even our friends that don’t fly lobster in, are pretty darn spectacular! 🙂

This is only a small part of our weekend.  I’ll share more throughout the week, including a little bit about the amazing organization, Ski For Light.

Have a great Monday!

When was the last time you were totally blown away by something?

3 Comments to “Just Another South Dakota Weekend”

  1. Now THAT is how you do weekends, well played!

  2. That looks AMAZING! Now I am hungry 🙂

  3. How fun!!!! I love lobsters… I’ve only had it twice, but I really like it! What a fun weekend!

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