Watch Out! It’s a Chocolate Attack!

Welcome to the WEEKEND! Yay!

Yesterday was the Bean’s “Teddy Bear Picnic” at school, where they each had to bring something that started with a “B” to the picnic.

A little over a week ago, wonderful Caitlin over at HTP, posted a recipe for Chocolate-Covered Brownie Balls, and I knew the Bean would go all sorts of crazy at the idea of making brownie balls for the picnic!

Thursday evening after dinner, we went to work!

All you need is a prepared (and cooled) package of brownies, 1 bag of chocolate chips, and 1/3 cup of sunflower butter.

Crumble the cooled brownies into a bowl and add your sunflower butter.


Form inch-sized brownie-balls.

In the meantime, place a double-broiler over medium heat and melt your chocolate chips.

Throw a couple of brownie-balls in, and roll around with a spoon. Place gooey brownie-balls on parchment paper to cool.

Enjoy! Yumm!

The Bean LOVED these and they were SO fun to make. We packed up a container of them, and brought them to Mom CYL. I get my chocoholism from her, so we knew she’d love them!

We are headed into the hills for the afternoon, Hill City to be exact. (One of my very favorite places!) Big change of plans for this weekend, but I’m trying to roll with the punches! I think today is going to be a blast…can’t wait to share!

4 Comments to “Watch Out! It’s a Chocolate Attack!”

  1. what a fun little baking activity 🙂 looks delicious!


  3. Oh my (there is no word strong enough to insert here)… Those look incredible!!!! And I love that her school has a teddy bear picnic… wasn’t there some children’s book or song about that? Maybe a movie? I don’t know, but that sounds super familiar and really, ridiculously cute!

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