When Life Gives You Lemons

Congratulations to everyone who completed the Run Crazy Horse Marathon, Half Marathon, and Marathon Relay yesterday! You are all awesome!

While my awesomeness may, or may not, be in question, I was not one of those who finished the race yesterday. I said on Saturday that we were headed to Hill City, because of a big change of plans. This was it!

I’m not totally sure what happened, but my relay team didn’t get registered before the cut off, and by the time they knew I could still get us registered…I think they’d warmed up to the idea of not running.

Truth is, I was super bummed-out. I’ve been looking forward to this event for, well…11 months, and I’d also arranged for the Bean to come and watch. It would have been her first race experience.

Lemons, I say…sour lemons!

 While I was frantically posting “want” ads on the race’s Facebook site, (just in case another team needed someone short notice) I learned that the American Heart Association was putting on a 1K and 5K on Saturday, in conjunction with the Run Crazy Horse Marathon, to raise money for its cause.


I seriously considered running the 5k, until I realized it started at 1pm, and the temperature was supposed to be in the high 80s. I also really wanted the Bean to be a part of it, so the 5K was out. I thought back at a post I’d written about how old the Bean should be before she starts running, and all the comments (and research I’ve done) suggested that short distances were fine for her age. I talked to her about it, and we decided she would run the 1K!

We made an entire day of it!

We started at our favorite place in the Hills for lunch, the Alpine Inn, in Hill City.


I chose the vegetarian sandwich with homemade potato salad. Perfection!

I think it is their herb cream cheese that really does it. So delicious, as always!

After lunch we headed out to find the race location. Hill City is a tiny little town, so we assumed we could walk from the restaurant. On the way, we found this great little organic market.

A few blocks later, we found a string of heart shaped markers along the road, and we knew we’d made it!

The Bean and I were so excited for her very first race! She was the youngest kid registered…what a champ!

Here we go!

It was super hot out, but the Bean took off like she meant business!

We stopped for a halfway-ish photo!


After that, it was all downhill and the champion crossed the finish line! Woot woot!

A little post-race treat is always a good thing!

We had so much fun!

While I am stilled bummed about the marathon relay, I know that if I hadn’t been online looking for teams that may have had a sickness, or injury, I would not have found the kids 1K. Silver lining!

We had such an amazing afternoon, and I’m so proud of my little Bean! Life can definitely give you lemons sometimes…but the truth is, you never know what will come out of it! We made some pretty sweet lemonade Saturday afternoon!

I decided that I would take Sunday to catch up on all the housework I’ve been putting off. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you what we did instead! Haha!

When was the last time you found a sour lemon in your life…and what did you choose to do about it?

6 Comments to “When Life Gives You Lemons”

  1. lovely story…way to make some sweet lemonade!

  2. the bean is just too freakin cute i can’t even stand it!

  3. Could the bean be any cuter? I love pics of her with the medals! So cute!!! And definitely worth it for a chocolate ice cream cone! 😉

  4. Made a vodka lemonade? 🙂

  5. Finishing the 1k with ice cream… I thought I taught you better in Germany. These things are ALWAYS concluded with BEER…. I’m glad you got the Bean out there. And a medal for her too… Whoop!

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