Get Rid Of It Salad

I am so excited to hit the road toward Jackson, Wyoming this afternoon. Luckily, I’ve got tons to do at work, and I think my day will fly by!

I’m going to put off the post I was going to share today, for tomorrow. I’ll tell you all about what I didn’t get done this past Sunday…and what I did do, instead! 🙂

I just have to share the amazing salad I threw together last night! It’s a keeper!

After yoga practice last night, I headed home to find some dinner. What I found, scared me.

That’s a lot of produce to sit in the fridge over the next few days, and that’s not even in the bottom drawers! I decided that I really didn’t want to throw any of it away, so I pulled out what could go bad…

 …and the Get Rid Of It Salad was born!

Just pull together any produce you’ve got lingering in your fridge, and go to work! I had blue cheese, green beans, tomatoes, corn, a tiny bit of bacon, and iceberg lettuce. Mmm…the pinenuts hiding in the cupboard would have been amazing too!

 Cook anything you think may need it. I threw the green beans and corn into boiling water for about 7 minutes, and crisped up the bacon in a skillet.

Then I chopped everything into bite sized pieces…yumm!

Combine everything into a serving bowl, add a Tbsp of your favorite dressing, (I had blue cheese in the fridge) some salt and pepper…

…and enjoy. (preferably with a nice glass of red wine.)

This was so quick and easy…and delicious! I know that a fridge full of random stuff you’ve been building up, can seem kind of intimidating…but if you think about what you like, and craft it into something amazing…everybody wins!

(and saves money)

Have an great day. If I seem to be MIA for a couple of days…it’s because I have no internet, but I’m not sure yet if that will be the case. Sometimes this would freak me out…but I’m choosing to look at it as a blessing!

Happy Living!

4 Comments to “Get Rid Of It Salad”

  1. yum! love kitchen sink salads like this!! enjoy your vacay 🙂

  2. Nice! Way to throw it together!! It looks delicious… and seriously enjoy Jackson… we’re both still really jealous!!! It’s so pretty there this time of the year!!! 🙂

  3. Holy moly, that looks amazing! I’m the WORST at making salads and wish mine looked even a tiny bit like that. Wow!

  4. Love this idea!!! And I think I need to make one of these bad boys tomorrow. I have lots of produce that needs to be eaten up ASAP!

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