Jackson Roundup

Good morning! We had such an amazing time in Jackson, WY last week. Total relaxation is always a plus! The weather was a bit weird; we hit just about every season, in just under 5 days!

Here is a look back at our trip.


The drive across Wyoming was gorgeous. Beautiful Fall colors.

We arrived in Jackson to a little mist, and clouds. Our accommodations were amazing though! Straight-on view of the Grand Teton…as soon as the clouds lift!

 After we got settled, we headed down the hill for some dinner. We ended up at an amazing place called, 43 North.


I had lamb chops with apple fries. a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I plan on trying to recreate this meal with pork chops. I discovered that lamb chops are just too rich for my tummy.

The next morning, the Sweetheart headed to work, and I headed out for breakfast, shopping, and to find a yoga studio.

The weather started to look a little on the shady side. Still, gorgeous!

Then…the snow came. Brr!



I headed to the Inversion Yoga Studio for my very first hot yoga class. Walking in felt amazing!

It was an awesome class, and I practiced next to Sarah Kline, who is an instructor for Yoga Today, where I’ve taken numerous online classes! My first hot yoga class was really an experience…I have to give major props to those of you who practice it often. It’s tough! I’ve never felt so clean and open after a class before!

After some down-time in our room, the Sweetheart finished up his work day, and we headed to the Snake River Brewing Company…it just happened to be Oktoberfest. Wunderbar!

  We got a little silly on the walk to the brewery…

…and while we were there. Tons of fun…but way over-crowded. We decided to go elsewhere for dinner.

I’ve also decided that I need to learn how to cook Thai food. This plate was delicious! Spring and egg rolls, coconut shrimp and Thai chicken. It is from an amazing place call Thai Me Up. SOOOO good!

The next morning was pretty chill, we ate breakfast at The Bunnery, where I’d eaten the morning before.

Everything in the restaurant is made from scratch every morning. Perfection! After that we headed out for a drive through Teton Village, and the town of Wilson. We tried to go to Moose, but the road was closed after the park rangers found a mama grizzly and her cubs grazing on some berries alongside the road.

We also went to the National Museum of Wildlife Art, which was spectacular!

Photo Source

There was a special viewing of a collection of photographs about Antarctica, and its ecosystem.The photographer was John Weller, and the photos of the Ross Sea were really beautiful.

After heading back into town, we stopped at the famous Cowboy Bar, where all the bar-stools are saddles.


Very fun!

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing in our room. Perfection!

Our final morning we had breakfast at…The Bunnery, and then headed out. The fun thing was that the sun finally made an appearance, and I saw what the view from our room had to offer!

Still, no Grand Teton. We never did get to see its peak…it decided to remain elusive!

The drive home went really well, with no hic-ups and great weather!

It was a really amazing trip, totally relaxing! There is an amazing bike path that runs through Grand Teton National Park that I would love to hit up next summer with the Sweetheart and crew!

Well, that’s it. My Jackson Roundup. Hope you enjoyed it! I have to say a huge Thank You to the Sweetheart for bringing me with him on this adventure. ; ) It was a blast!

Now, I have to get back on track as far as running goes. Between the altitude and weather, I only got one run in last week. Yikes!

How do you get back on track after a break from running?

4 Comments to “Jackson Roundup”

  1. What snow already. Here it is a month into fall and the temp is decreasing but into to the point of snow, at least not yet. Fingers crossed.



  2. So cool! Love the beautiful pics! Can’t wait to pull this post back up for my husband to look through when I get home from work. I’m sorry you didn’t ever get to see the tip of the grand Teton. 😦 the weather there is a little crazy and bipolar at times, I’ve noticed… But what a great trip! We’re totally jealous, but glad you went!!! 🙂

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