My Age Bracket List

Good morning! Since returning from our trip on Saturday, I’ve been thinking a lot about the things in life that I would like to do. Travel is definitely one of those things, and trips like the one we took last week are so perfect!

I love the idea of a Bucket List, but I’m sort of a shortterm goals kind of gal. I’ve already shown you what my goals for the rest of this year are, (you can find them, here) so I thought I’d make an “Age Bracket List”.

It’ll be a bucket list for my 20s.

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  1. Run a marathon. I know, I said I’d never make this an actual goal. I changed my mind. What else am I going to do when I’m done with school, right?!
  2. Run a 1/2 marathon in another state.
  3. Run a 5k in 25 minutes or less.
  4. Run a 10K in under 1 hour.
  5. Find a way to join our local runners group. They meet on Wednesday evenings and I just haven’t been able/willing to find a way to make it work that night of the week.
  6. Compete Play in a couples golf tournament with the Sweetheart. I will first have to learn how to use my golf clubs for something other than garage decor.
  7. Attend a Yoga retreat.
  8. Bike the loop of the major lakes in the Black Hills.
  9. Hold an inversion for 30 seconds. Headstand, forearm stand or handstand.
  10. Go for a motorcycle ride.
  11. Ride a tandem bicycle.
  12. Make Sushi at home.
  13. Teach the Bean how to ride a 2-wheeler.
  14. Build a bookcase.
  15. Make Thai at home.
  16. Read, for enjoyment, for at least 1/2 hour per day.
  17. Find an organization to volunteer for on a regular basis. Right now I’m looking at Big Brothers/Big Sisters Mother Mentor Program or a girls running program. I’d like it to be something that the Bean can also be involved in.

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The funny thing, is that what I honestly think I’ll have the most trouble with, is the dang inversion! Other than that, I think it’s a good list. 1 year, 5 months…17 bullets. Totally do-able. I’ll make sure to let you know when I succeed/fail at each of these!

Go ahead…what’s your age-bracket list?

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15 Comments to “My Age Bracket List”

  1. I can help with a few of these;-)

  2. What a great list! I just started jotting down my own bucket list however my is, ahem, for my 30’s! 😦 Can’t believe I am so old! It just doesn’t seem right!

  3. I have heard the Twin Cities Marathon is one of the most beautiful in the country. My cousin just did it for the second time! Go Scottie:)

  4. My age-bracket bucket list would include a trip to a different country and to complete a triathlon.

  5. LOVE this!! My friend and I were thinking about doing something like this every decade. Go on a trip or do something like that. I also kind of have a running list in my head of things I want to do prebabies hahaha. I get that it’s weird…

  6. I’ve never even thought about one… You’ve got a nice list there though. I think survive a marathon would be on my list… and have a healthy baby… working on that one. 🙂

  7. This is a great idea! Love it. Also, our goals are so similar! Wish we lived in the same country and then maybe we could knock off some of those running goals together!

  8. Hi Jamie, Just got back from the UK and the special Xmas visit to our holiday home from my son, grandson and daughter-in-law. It was a lovely day and I was thrilled to see them all. We had lunch out and then Christmas presents for everyone. Only problem is I want to see them so much more and I long to be part their family. So I feel seeing each other for one day, three or four times a year, is just not enough. How on earth can you get to know someone? Have you thought about how often you and Alexa should see one another? You obviously live a fairly long distance away from one another as I’m sure lots of other folks in reunion do. How do you all manage meetings?
    Happy New Year to you and I wish you well with all your plans for 2012. I love reading all your ideas and suggestions.

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