Kicking the “Ick”

For just about two weeks now, I’ve been feeling the “ick”. I’ve had a really tough time falling asleep, staying asleep…and then getting up in the morning. I’ve also had some really gross heartburn that seems to want to stick around, no matter what I eat. Blah.

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Basically, I’ve just not been feeling myself. A huge factor is that I took the last week or so off of running. On our vacation, the altitude killed me, plus it snowed most of the time. I had not packed for snow-running! When we got back, I went out for a 3 miler and only ran about a mile. Bummer.

On Tuesday, I decided that enough was enough. I’m going to detox my world a little bit, in hopes of getting rid of the heartburn and with the idea that the decrease in heartburn will help me to sleep better. Hopefully the combination of those two things will then help me get back-on-track with my running, and all the happy that brings to the rest of my world!

It’s crazy how a tiny change, like not running, can rock my world…and not in a good way.

Here’s a break-down:

Not running = easier to make bad food choices = easier to make bad drink choices = heartburn = poor sleep = bad attitude = poor self image (also from the poor food/drink choices) = insecurity with ridiculous things = not feeling myself = BAD NEWS BEARS.

Moving on…

…the detox, which started Tuesday, includes the following changes:

  • Green Monsters. One per day.
  • Limit alcohol intake. I am going to enjoy a hot cup of tea in the evening, instead of a glass (or two) of wine.
  • Water. Water. Water. Make a point to bring cold, filtered water to work each day.
  • Focus on essential amino acids, i.e. “Complete Proteins”.  Amino acids are crucial to every operation that takes place on the cellular level in our bodies. Essential amino acids are the acids that our body cannot create on its own. We can only get them through the food we eat. Good sources include: Lean Meat, Fish, Eggs, Beans, Oats, Fruits, Veggies, Seeds, and Nuts. You can find some great information on essential amino acids, here.
  • Running and Yoga. Looking at my goals for the next year or so, I need to be diligent about getting out there, running, and staying strong, and flexible. Those goals are not going to reach themselves!

Speaking of running…


That, my friends, is why a healthy lifestyle has to be a way of life…as in…even on vacation and the time surrounding it. Yes, that is slower than my very first week. Please learn from my mistakes. This run was painful.

I’m sure by next week I’ll be back to where I was, but yikes!

Again…I plan on kicking the “ick” and getting back on track. This was a good experience, the agonizing frustration pain of yesterdays run reminds me why getting out there every day, (whether running, yoga, biking, etc)  is so important.

Here’s a breakdown of my timed 5K’s up to now.



I’m also in need of new shoes! (seems to be the case more often than not) So, if anyone finds any awesome sales on Brooks Adrenaline 11’s, give me a shout!

The rest of the evening last night was spent helping the Bean with some schoolwork, playing, studying and relaxing with the Sweetheart. Pretty good night! I’ve got an exam after work today, and am planning on a hill-run later in the evening.

Have an awesome day!

Have you ever detox’d your world? If so, what was the reason?

7 Comments to “Kicking the “Ick””

  1. What a good plan! I think just focusing on clean eating will go a long way in helping you feel better! It’s always an adjustment after a vacation 🙂

    I pretty much always go for green juices when I need some rejuvination!

  2. love your plan! i’ve been feeling the ick lately as well… too many cupcakes and too much wine. i focus on exercise, water, and protein when i’m trying to detox. fresh veggie juices are fantastic, and wheatgrass shots always refresh me. i’m on my way out the door to hot yoga that will hopefully help flush out some toxins. good luck!!

    • I am so so so jealous that you have hot yoga. No where in my town offers it. I LOVE my yoga studio…and REALLY missed it on vacation…but there’s nothing like the fresh, clean feeling I had after hot yoga in Jackson last week!

  3. I second juicing. . . even if it were purely in my head, if I drink fresh juice (especially if it is green and earthy tasting) I feel like I’m doing a body good. Also, love running on vacation. I think it’s fun to have the change of scenery (though I too wouldn’t do it if the altitude was crazy!) I’m headed to 101 degree Arizona this weekend. It’s very possible I will forget the run.

  4. I’ve been feeling the ick, too! The same ick, actually. Problem sleeping, heartburn, etc. But i’ve been putting our juicer to good use and have been drinking green monsters like it’s my job and have been feeling better.

  5. Great runs!!! Sounds like you’re going to kick the ick with some hot running legs! 🙂 hee hee. I’m sorry about your ick… that’s not fun. I’ve never had issues sleeping, except when I get heartburn, which I’ve had more lately… gross. It totally wakes me up in the middle of the night, but I got some meds that are helping. I think there are some good over the counter ones… I still haven’t tried the green monster… I’m still a little wary. 🙂

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