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October 17, 2011

Unplugged Weekend

Good morning! Welcome back to the workweek. It is rainy and gloomy here today, but in a Springtime way, which I don’t mind at all! It is October after all!

This weekend was really incredible. I took a little cue from one of my favorite blog writers, Michelle, and unplugged from my computer. It. Was. Amazing. (Ok, I totally read my four favorite blogs, The Runners Plate, The Daily Crumb, Oh She Glows, and Healthy Tipping Point, and jumped on Facebook to look at a wedding invitation that I’d received, but other than that, the computer was quiet.) I hadn’t planned on doing this, but as Saturday morning lazily slipped away…I made the decision to just relax.

So, here’s a recap of the weekend happenings! I’m sorry, I left my camera off as well…so no photos today!


Saturday, the Sweetheart went hunting, so the Bean and I called up Care Bear and asked if she’d go to lunch with us. She was happy to accept, so we went to the Alpine Inn, our favorite lunch place. It was delicious, as always! After lunch, we headed out for a quick walk in the Hills. Super windy…but gorgeous! The remainder of Saturday was spent taking a nap and watching, Horton Hears a Hoo, with the Bean. When the Sweetheart returned from hunting, he grilled a beautiful steak dinner for us. Heaven!

Sunday, the Bean headed off to her dad’s and the Sweetheart and I went shooting. As always, the Sweetheart’s aim was perfection. I’m pretty good with a pistol…but had serious issues with the shotgun and clay targets. A couple of birds flew directly overhead, so to say, “Yea…I’ve got nothing to worry about.” It was sort of embarrassing…but super fun! At dinner time, we headed to the Sweetheart’s cabin for a giant crock pot full of black bean and bison chili, and some time with two of our good friends. After dinner, we read around the fireplace. A perfect night. A perfect weekend really.


I was really proud of my workouts this weekend! Friday evening I went to a wonderful yoga class. Such a perfect way to end the week! Saturday, I went for a tough 3 mile hill run. There are some serious hills in our town…and they kick my butt every time! Sunday, my friend Mistletoe and I went out for a nice (also very hilly) 3.5 miler. It’s so¬† nice to have a running partner every now and then…it makes the time go so quickly!

There you have it. My (mostly) unplugged weekend.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction for the blog, as far as content, schedule, etc. I started writing the blog as a hobby, an outlet, a way to educate and inspire, and as a means to connect with different types of people with similar interests as my own, in an attempt to learn more about (and share) those interests! So far, it has exceeded my expectations a hundred times…I love it!

I really want to write a blog that I would read myself, with an emphasis on writing and content above all else. (I love photos, but photography is not my passion…writing is. I want any photos I use to add to my posts, not define them. I also wish I had time to become a better photographer!) I have a pretty heavy series about to start unfolding…and am both excited and nervous to share!

All of this begs for some feedback from you lovely people!

What do you like about the blog so far, what don’t you like? What would you like to see more of?

Cheers! I hope your week is off to a great start!