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October 31, 2011

Weekend Roundup – Western Style

Good morning, and welcome back to the workweek!

It was another amazing weekend here in South Dakota, and a pretty western one at that!


Ok, I guess it didn’t start out very western. The Bean dressed up for her Kindergarten Halloween party on Friday. She had a blast!

Side-note. Have I told you how addicted to this stuff I am during the Fall season? Love it!

Some friends of our gave the Sweetheart and I a Sylvester and Tweety costume. They are adorable! The Bean is in love with Tweety!

Movie fun on Saturday! Puss in Boots was so cute!

The Sweetheart and I threw together homemade meatballs on Saturday night. Crazy-amazing! We’d never made these before, and I cannot even explain how simple and satisfying they were! Yum!



Ok, now it gets Western. We spent Sunday cutting down dead trees and splitting firewood at our friend V’s ranch. It was a gorgeous Fall day, a perfect day for it! A bunch of our friends were out, and while it was hard work, we all had so much fun!


The Sweetheart even showed me how to use his chainsaw! I think he was pretty proud of my awesome saw-skills! Haha!

The evening ended with a giant pot of white chili for everyone, and then the Sweetheart and I sat in front of a fire at his cabin and read until we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer. I’m sure we made it until at least 9:30.

A perfect Fall day to end an amazing weekend!

Tonight will be filled with Trick-or-Treating fun with the Bean! Love it!

What does everyone have planned for the week? Any fun activities? Recipes?

Happy Halloween!