Top 5 (x 3)

Welcome to November!

We could feel it coming last night, as the winds blew warm air through the Hills. The snow is well on its way!

Looking back on October this morning, I thought of some of my favorite moments for the month, and looked up some of my favorite posts.

My Favorite Top 5

  • When life gives you lemons: I learned (once again) that sometimes when you’re most upset about something not going your way, amazing things are just waiting in the wings!
  • Instead of: Instead of all the household chores getting done, we took the day off and experienced a perfect afternoon away from it all.
  • Jackson Roundup: A look back at an amazing trip to Jackson, WY. Gorgeous!
  • The Girl and the Mailbox: A Standoff: In next few weeks, I think you’ll see why I’ve grown to love this post. Sometimes, when fear is at its peak, and you’re completely sure you can’t take that next step…is also when you stand to gain the most.
  • Six Week Fitness Update: Because…if I can do it, YOU can do it too!

Top 5 in Views

Hmmm…I think I see a trend. It’s so interesting to be able to see number of views on the blog. I love to see what people are reading when they stop by!

I also thought about what November may bring.

November Top 5

  • Find a vision on how to share the rest of October’s happenings. (more on that in the near-ish future)
  • Continue to improve on 5K timed-runs, leading up to the Turkey Trot.
  • Pack the Bean’s lunch every day, and cook dinner with her at least 3 times per week.
  • Enjoy each day…without worrying about the next.
  • Finish at least two books that I’ve been wanting to read…preferably with the Sweetheart in front of his fireplace!

There you have it! A look back and a look forward. October was a giant-sized month. Huge. I think November will be the same. The Sweetheart and I always joke with our friends that, “next week things should slow down.” It’s been, “next week” for a long time! That’s just life I guess, at least for us…and I find the more we embrace it, the better it gets!

What about you? Do you embrace the craziness…or fight it? Any big plans/goals/desires for November?

2 Comments to “Top 5 (x 3)”

  1. I try to embrace it, sometimes I just give up and take a nap haha.

    I am toying with the idea of a 10K on Thanksgiving. Why? Because I am NUTS.

    • You’re not nuts at all! Thanksgiving is SUCH a fun day to do a race! Everyone is in high spirits, happy to have the day off…it’s perfect!! Plus…at our 5k, the best bakery in town gives away something crazy like 300 pies! Usually only about that many people run…so everyone gets a pie! Yumm!

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