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November 3, 2011

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Last Thursday, was a pretty regular day. Work, run, pick up the Bean. The norm, really.

Bob came over for dinner. Dixie was out of town, and the boys had been hanging out together in the afternoon, so the Sweetheart invited Bob over for steak and potatoes.

Little did I know, game 6 of the World Series was also going on…how did I miss that?

Dinner was delicious, as it always is when the Sweetheart is in charge of the grill. After dinner, the boys sat down to watch more of the game…and any non-game conversation was limited to commercial breaks.  Shh!

I worked on cleaning up the kitchen, prepared the Bean’s lunch for Friday, and then decided to go to the silent confines of our comfy bedroom with a glass of red wine, light a candle, check my emails, and work on the blog a little.

I sat down, gave the Sweet Boy a pat on the head and started up my computer.

I could hear the boys in the living room, laughing and talking about some play that had just happened.

I logged into my personal email account, as I have done a thousand times before.

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As I clicked the message, a strange name popped up with a short message following.  It’s funny how the mind works when something unexpected is plugged in to it. In a matter of about 1 second, I had an entire conversation with myself.

“Hmm, I know that name…why do I know that name? I wonder if the game is over yet, I’d like to watch 30 Rock re-runs tonight. No, I’m sure it’s going to be on all night. Oh well, maybe it’ll be a good couple last innings. It’s crazy that I didn’t even know the World Series was on…guess that’s what all the Facebook updates were about. I should watch more baseball. I need to set the coffee pot for…Oh, I DO know that name…oh I do…”

And then…a conversation with The Sweetheart .

Me: Sweetie, can you come here please?!


Me, again: SWEETS!

TS: Hey, what’s up?

Me: I have an email.

TS: Ok, so…why…

Me: I mean, AN EMAIL.

TS (looking at the computer now): OH. Oh, oh wow. This is big. Have you read it?

Me: No, I don’t know if I want to. Will you read it?

TS: Sure. Oh…oh, yes, you want to read it.

Me: Are you sure?

TS: Yes, I am sure.

So, one word at a time, I read the email. Then, I put the sentences together. Then…it hit me.

I’m not sure how much longer we were in the bedroom, I think it was longer than I imagined. The Sweetheart was amazing…he just let me blabber on and on, while hugging me and holding my hand.

Pretty soon we heard, “Hey, guys…I think I’m just gonna head home, ok? I’m gonna leave now.”

We’d forgotten about Bob. Poor Bob.

In an instant, answers I had been seeking for years, had suddenly appeared as,

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