Weekend Roundup

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great, relaxing weekend!

Here’s a quick recap of what went on in our world!

We spent Saturday helping out at the annual Ski For Light, ski swap. I’ve mentioned Ski for Light before, and will many times in the future. It is an awesome organization that The Sweetheart has been involved with for many years. Ski for Light allows people with vision and mobility impairments the opportunity to ski and snowshoe. The ski swap is the organization’s big fundraiser each year, and it is amazing! I have never seen more accomplished in a 24 hour period than at the ski swap. It takes the time and hearts of dozens of volunteers, and like the rest of the Ski for Light events, is always truly memorable.

Sunday, I had lunch with a friend who is back in town for a couple months while her husband is deployed. Love this gal! A little lunch, a little shopping…it was a perfect break from the other big Sunday event…

…studying. I spent the majority of Sunday learning all about neuron action potential and impulses. Have I mentioned that I’m really ready to be done with this? Yes, I think I have.

The study time totally paid off though…I rounded off the evening with a B+ on the quiz! Woot!

After the quiz, The Sweetheart and I enjoyed a delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup (that The Sweetheart made for us while I studied) while watching my new favorite show, Once Upon a Time. Total. Guilty. Pleasure. Love it! And…I love The Sweetheart for watching it with me last night.

We also have one of our favorite house guests back for a few days…


…the Coyote. This is her, “I’m hungry, please feed me” look. Pretty convincing huh?

Speaking of pups, I took the Sweet Boy for a great 4 mile run on Sunday. It felt really good. The Coyote was not impressed when I didn’t take her with us. When we got back, I leashed her up for a quick walk around the neighborhood.

I feel like I’m missing something big, but this weekend just flew by, and it seemed like such a blur!

This week, I’ve got a really fun post in store for you…maybe as early as tomorrow, we’ll see…but I promise it will be worth the read!

Have an amazing day!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

4 Comments to “Weekend Roundup”

  1. What a cool event! The hospital where I work has a winter camp for teen patients with amputations and they go sking and snowboarding, so fun!

  2. I heart you and really enjoyed our time together this weekend!!! Miss ya already.


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