Run, Don’t Walk!

Whew! I thought I’d bring a little fresh air into my extra heavy blog posts this week! Thanks for sticking with me!

The following is a list of some of my very favorite local organizations. If you have access to any of these…run, don’t walk to them! You won’t be disappointed! Click on the underlined names to link to their web pages. Enjoy!

Bella Boutique – I love this place. Adorable and Affordable!


Black Hills Portraits – Loni is simply the best. From seniors, to engagements, weddings, children and families…she captures the personality of the people she photographs. Love her!


Black Hills Regional Ski for Light – An amazing organization that helps visual and mobility impaired people learn how to ski and snow shoe. So much fun!

Colonial House Restaurant and Bakery – locally owned and always delicious. Conveniently located. Yum!


Kelly’s Frozen Yogurt – a perfect treat…anytime!

Prairie Berry Winery – Just outside of Hill City, the winery is a beautiful, fun stop if you’re in the hills. Loni’s (Black Hills Portraits) husband, Chris created this beautiful photo.


ReviVail Threads – Jill Vail created ReviVail threads as a means to recycle old sweaters, t-shirts and beyond. She is so stinking creative! In the photo, the hat and skirt are just two of her creations. The scooter is not for sale…but is very fun to ride!


The Alpine Inn – My favorite little spot in the hills!  Hill City, SD. *Sigh* I am currently dreaming about their desserts.


The Yoga Studio – finally, and only because we’re alphabetical here, is the Yoga Studio. This place has changed my life. Amazing instruction for every level. Be careful…enough time here might just lead to that balance you’ve been dreaming of.

There are a hundred other local organizations that I adore, I’ll be sure to throw some at you every now and then.

Wherever you live, what are some of your favorite local places?

One Comment to “Run, Don’t Walk!”

  1. What a great list! If I ever visit SD I will definitely have to visit all of these places! I’m working on a list of my favorite places in my city – Chicago – right now! 🙂

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