What makes us what we are?

I often wonder what make a person what they are.

Is it what they believe, or what the culture they are a part of believes? In my opinion, there are two levels of this. Today, I will focus on the upper level, the surface level. The deeper level plays into the idea of Cue Cards, which you can learn more about, here, but I believe you first have to master, or at least understand, this first part to be able to move forward.

What makes us what we say we are? What makes us use the words we use, to describe ourselves? I truly believe that it is in our own minds, what we are. Labels are one thing…believing in ourselves enough to say, “I am a…!” is another!

I am…a mommy. Anyone who has given birth to a child is a mother, which is an amazing label in itself! What makes someone a mommy though? In my mind, I feel most like a mommy when I look in on the Bean as she sleeps, and tears well up in my eyes at the thought of another day gone. Another day closer to…preschool (check), Kindergarten (check), grade school (Sooo close now), high school (yelp!)…and beyond (I don’t even want to go there). When do you feel most like a mommy or a daddy?

I am…a sweetheart. No, not like the girl next door, but…a sweetheart to someone. That is how we introduce ourselves, the Sweetheart and I…as, sweethearts. Sure, the Sweetheart is my significant other, my companion, my partner…and I am his. Mostly though, we are sweethearts. I know that we have tons of fun together, enjoy so many of the same things in life, adore one another, and our families and friends…and I also know that we can drive each other completely crazy!  That’s what a sweetheart is! What makes you a wife, husband, significant other, etc?

I am…a runner. But what made me believe that? Everyone would answer this differently. Some would say if you run, you are a runner. Some believe that it’s signing your name on a race entry registration. But for me, it was neither. I had already run a couple of short road races, (5Ks, 10Ks) for which I trained hard for…but I still didn’t see myself as a “runner.” It was a quiet run one summer afternoon that changed how I viewed myself. My first double digit run, 10 miles. As I slowed to a walk at the end of that run, I found confidence in my body that I’d never had before. For me, after that run…I was a runner. What made you a runner? (or a yogi, hiker, climber, biker…etc)

I am…a home chef. No training. Lots of disasters. Tight budget. So…what makes me a home chef? Simply…the fact that more of what I make turns out delicious, and puts a smile on the face of those eating it…than does not. That’s it. If the Sweetheart, or the Bean, or a friend or family member has a smile on their face…the meal was a success in my book. Are you a home chef?

Finally, I am…a writer. On of my 2011 goals was to be able to add “Writer” to my profile. Basically, I wanted to figure out what it meant to call myself a writer, DO those things, and then…well…call myself a writer. Does the simple act of writing make me a writer? In my mind, it does not. I’ve written in a journal on and off, for years…but would never have considered myself a writer. As a student, I learned that to write, we must first learn. I was always confused on the first day of class, when my composition instructors would give us a giant book of poetry, or essays, or short stories. I thought this was a writing class?

As time went on…I understood.

I am a writer, because I first learned…and because I am committed to the life-long journey of learning. I learned through reading, through listening, through making mistakes, through researching, and through living. I learned to develop enthusiasm for my interests in life, to prioritize those things…and then…the writing came.

I am no poet, no Angelou, no Cummings, certainly no Frost. I haven’t a knack for character (or plot) development either. Most of the time, I’m not sure if my words make sense…let alone if they actually mean anything to anyone. I hope they do. My only advise in writing is that of those before me. “Read…and then read some more.” I can add to that, “love life, prioritize your interests…and then go read some more.”  Fellow writers, when did you first call yourself a writer?

Kind of a random post, I know. Sometimes I think I should re-name the blog, Cue Jamie’s Randomness. 

If you had to finish the statement, “I am a…” with only 5 responses, what would they be and why?

BIG week this week. More on that later.

Happy Monday!

6 Comments to “What makes us what we are?”

  1. This feels like a loaded question! It’ll probably take me a week to figure out only 5 “I am a…” responses. I really enjoyed this post and learning more about you. =] I also think it’s find to have random posts here and there!

  2. The frst time I felt like a ‘real’ runner was during a run when my iPod died. Instead of going home or quitting, I kept right on running. It was a big turning point in how I see myself.

    New this year was becoming an Army wife. It really colors the way that I see the world.

    Great post!*

    • Thanks Amy! I am actually pulling my ipod out for the first time in about a year for tonight’s run. I love running without it…but I think I might need some extra motivation this week!

  3. Um…I think you forgot “I am a friend.” I certainly value our friendship!! Thanks for being you! 😉

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