As I walked into my gym last night, for the first time since March, I realized the love/hate relationship I have with it. I completely canceled my membership in March and have loved every (ok, most every) workout since then. Running and biking outside are my favorite things to do…but as the roads ice over as soon as the sun begins to set…I figure that a monthly gym membership through the winter will actually be a cost savings over the broken ankle I’m sure to eventually get trying to run on ice.

Still…paying to workout is just frustrating!

I found myself on this beast, for just over 2 miles, trying to stay positive about my time indoors. I made a list in my head, which seemed to pass at least 5 minutes of my time. Score!

Love the Gym

  • Indoors, it is much less likely that I will fall and hurt myself.
  • I like the availability to jump in on a high intensity fitness class. I know I am much stronger when I spend time at my favorite Butts and Guts class.
  • There are no excuses to not work out. Period. None.
  • There’s a children’s play area where the Bean has some friends. She loves it, and I like being able to have her see mom workout out, or at least having her there with me, knowing why we’re there…which she can’t do on my outdoor runs.
  • Heated bathrooms make me happy!

Hate the Gym

  • Paying to work out is just ridiculous to me. When we have the beautiful outdoors, with its hills to run and trees to stretch against, paying a company to run on a treadmill while being forced to look at 3 T.Vs all tuned to Judge Judy is frustrating!
  • Other Gym members. I’m sorry, but I’m being honest here. While I do have some friends that I like to see at the gym…99% of everyone else drives me crazy. The fashion show, the full-coverage makeup, the cell phones, and the people who are there the entire time I am, but don’t actually do anything but drink protein drinks with their buddies…rawr! I love outdoor runners and bikers. They’re tough, don’t care what other people think, and are working out to feel strong and healthy…not to feel pretty or thin.
  • The treadmill. Boo.

There you have it. Love/Hate. I think it just takes some re-adjusting…mostly of my attitude.

On a totally different note…it’s pie-baking night tonight! Woot woot! Two pumpkins, an apple and a blueberry…I can’t wait for the house to be filled with the smell of fresh pie!

Fresh pie…another reason to love the gym. I guess I can look at the treadmill as a pie negater…and yes, I think I did just make up a word!

Who’s with me on the love/hate relationship with their local gym? I know there are people who run through snow and ice all Winter long…are you one of them?

8 Comments to “Love/Hate”

  1. I feel the same way! The gym is so convenient and necessary this time of year, but it’s just not as much fun as running outside.*

  2. I can’t handle Judge Judy at the gym. I just can’t take it. If I’m running, I need to be outside. I have a lot more discipline that way. If I’m on a treadmill I’m way more likely to give up and just step off.

    Good lists!

  3. I hate paying to workout too! Gym memberships are so outrageous! At least you got a little bit of deal! And while I definitely prefer outdoors exercise as well, I do like having access to different classes at the gym.

  4. I totally relate to your love/hate relationship with the gym. The worst part about other people there is when anyone tries to talk to you. I have my headphones on, I’m sweaty, and still people will say things! Ugh. I just want to work out without talking to people I don’t know!

  5. I hate the cardio room at the gym. HATE! it is always Judge Judy. WHY? Why is she always on?
    I do love a variety of classes. I let my gym membership go this year and have been mourning the classes quite a bit. In Texas, I do my hot yoga outside and in the winter I run. Sadly, i am strapped to a treadmill in my home gym during the spring and summer. Boo to that!
    What is up with the full make-up? I was at a MARATHON recently and the girl I chatted with looked like she was headed to a photo shoot after. It would have been interesting to see her at the finish đŸ™‚

    • I think Judy’s got some sort of sell-your-soul deal going on with gyms across America! Boo! There’s a woman who runs in my neighborhood all the time…I was at the park once and went in to use the restroom….where she had stopped mid-run to reapply her makeup…and get this…spritz perfume on. So weird!

  6. I love the gym. I find I can push myself better on those “beasts” where I can see visually if I get lazy. “Pump that angle HIGHER! Add a couple more mph!” But I hate the loud music they insist on playing. We all have headsets…. Why do we need to hear music OVER and above the headsets???? And since I’m there before the place is manned (or womanned), we can’t control the music by complaining….

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