Happy Holidays!

Hello friends! Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

The food fun has officially started for the Holiday season! Yay! After a killer kickboxing class last night, (which has left me basically unable to walk this morning…because surprise, kickboxing works different muscles than running…ouch!) the Sweetheart and I baked pies…pies…and more pies.

The evening started out with some basic layout…

…I really like to put whatever recipe I’m using (in this case, 3 recipes) up at eye level, especially when I’m baking. I don’t bake often, and I make more mistakes than I like, so sticking the directions right where I can get at them easily makes all the difference!

Do you prefer to bake, or cook? I find baking is almost like science,  with the ingredients having to be in perfect proportions. I’m more of an “eyeball” it kind of gal…and it’s led to many baking tragedies!

Moving on, in the picture above, there’s already an apple crunch pie in the oven, and a blueberry crunch pie waiting to bake!

After an evening covered in flour, sugar and butter, we found ourselves smiling at some beautiful creations…

~ Apple Crunch ~

~Blueberry Crunch~

~2 Pumpkins~

A little leftover baked pumpkin custard was the perfect end to the evening!


Tonight, along with an  apple lattice pie, we’re prepping some appetizer pheasant poppers, brining the turkey and finishing some clean-up.

Tomorrow, the day starts with a 5K Turkey Trot, followed by bloody mary’s at the house, and then cooking, baking, laughing and dinner at the Sweetheart’s cabin!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Thank you so much for the blessings you bring to my life!

5 Comments to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. All of the pies look so deelish! The only baking that I do usually involves cake mix from a box. I can’t cook many things, but I’m working on it.*

    • Keep up the experimenting! I promise it’s worth it…no matter how many disasters! (I’ve got fires, tears, garbage explosions…and a lot of pizza’s ordered when all else failed under my belt!)

  2. I love to cook and bake ~ although baking is my favorite. Your pies look delightful!

    I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  3. happy thanksgiving, jamie!! thankful for our friendship 🙂

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