Welcome, Welcome

Oh, hi there! Remember me? I’m the blogger who last posted…five days ago! Yikes!

Sorry about that!

What a fun five days though! Thanksgiving is truly one of my favorite days of the year! I did not take many photos over the weekend, but here is a quick recap of some of my highlights!


We have started a tradition of running the Turkey Trot (last year it was 13 degrees out…but this year was a balmy 50 degrees!) in the morning, and then heading to the house for Bloody Mary’s, or Screwdrivers for the non-Mary drinkers! So much fun!

Thursday afternoon was filled with cooking, baking, fun, family and friends at the Sweetheart’s cabin! A pretty good combination I’d say!

Bacon wrapped pheasant poppers with jalapeno and water chestnut. Yumm!

The spread!

So much fun!

No pie pictures…but they were delicious!


Friday we went to Mom and Dad CYL’s house for another Thanksgiving dinner! It was a great time…lots of family. No photos though…


…except for this little shot of some leftover delight! Mashed potato pancake with cranberry chutney and turkey on a wheat bun. A perfect little lunch before another big dinner!


The Bean and I spent Saturday cleaning up, resting and playing. We ended up going to a movie with Mom and Dad CYL, and Dad CYL’s twin sister. Dolphin Tale is super cute and really sweet if you’re looking for a fun family movie!


Another catch up day for me! Studying, cleanup, and laundry…whoopie! I also put into the crock pot all the mixings for ham and bean soup…giant sized! Sunday evening Dixie and Bob threw a kitchen warming party for the newly renovated kitchen…which I have serious envy over. It’s GORGEOUS! After the party, I headed home to watch Once Upon a Time and welcome the Sweetheart home from his big hunting weekend.


I was actually really proud of the workouts I got in this long weekend! I walked the Turkey Trot (I know, a big change from my original goal…but my posse ended up walking, and the best part of the Turkey Trot is the friends that are there!) on Thursday, went for a short walk on Friday, headed to Butts and Guts on Saturday (OUCH!) and took our Sweet Boy for a 4 mile run/walk on Sunday. Not too bad for a holiday weekend!


Like I said above, I definitely failed in my Turkey Trot goal…but I would rather choose to look at it as simply the wrong timing for the goal. The amazing timing that has brought so much joy to the last month of my life has put other things on the back burner.  This is totally normal and I am happy to be able to share that with you. I’m not fretting over a goal I did not reach…I am rejoicing over the fact the life showed me a completely different path over the last month or so! I have a new fitness goal/challenge now…which I will share with you tomorrow!

I did reach one of my November goals this weekend though! On the 1st of the month, I wrote that I wanted to finish at least 2 books that I’ve wanted to read just for fun! Success! This weekend I finished The Hunger Games, and Pocketful of Names. Two very different books…but both very good! Yay!

What an amazing weekend!

Like I said above, I have a new fitness goal/challenge to share with you tomorrow that I hope will help me in all the other goals I’ve set in the world of fitness! Stay tuned!

Any fun Thanksgiving moments you’d like to share?!

6 Comments to “Welcome, Welcome”

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I had my high school reunion (five years!) over the weekend so a weekend that was already packed with family fun was further filled with good times with friends. It was a great way to spend the weekend!

    I love Once Upon a Time. I got caught up last week and was really excited to watch my first show in real time! What a great show!

  2. I think it’s really great that you went out on Thanksgiving for the Turkey Trot! It’s totally fine that you walked–you were lapping everyone at home (including myself!) who was resting up for a big dinner 🙂

  3. You’ve been busy! Sounds Like your days have been happy ones. That a good excuse for not blogging if you ask me!*

  4. Love the pictures! Looks like a wonderful Holiday 🙂

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