Random Photo Love

Hi there!

I’ve been hanging on to a slew of photos that are super cute, but haven’t really fit into anything I’ve written about lately. So, today I’ll share them as exactly what they are…random photo love.

Three things I’m super proud of. My two 1/2 marathon medals and my graduation tassel.


Random fun with the Sweetheart’s new hunting accessory.

Most amazing appetizers…ever. In the front is smoked salmon on a potato pancake with some sort of creamy amazing sauce. In the back is a prosciutto wrapped pickle breaded and fried with provolone cheese. Sigh. Must try if you’re at Murphy’s in Rapid City! Yum.

This is my amazingly gorgeous gal pal from high school. She is a midwife on Guam and was back for Thanksgiving and…her wedding!  We all got to go to lunch together last week, and it was great to catch up. This gal and I go way back…lots of fun stories and laughter.


The Bean has her first loose tooth. Mama cried a little over it. I’m not sure how it’s possible that she’s big enough to be losing teeth!

Christmas wreaths at a local senior citizen’s center. How cool is this?!

The wreath sale is the center’s big fundraiser for the year. Dozens of fresh, hand made Christmas wreaths. So beautiful!

Ok, so now back to business.

It’s Tuesday, and that means you get to see my purdy toes again…and my numbers.

This will be the “easiest” week. As you can see, I’m down 6 Lbs from last week. It is totally normal to fluctuate up to 5 Lbs because of water weight alone…which is mostly what my 6 Lbs is. I made sure this last week to drink a ton of water, which actually causes your body to hold on to less water weight. I also ate a ton of veggies, salads, lean protein, and fruit.

I would guess that next week I might actually be up a couple of pounds, and that that will truly be an accurate measure of my progress, because my H2O levels should level off by then. We shall see!

Have a wonderful day!

10 Comments to “Random Photo Love”

  1. I’m taking pic of my toes too. How scary is that?!
    Your little toothy kid is amazing. I cry every time the extra body parts fall off. They need to stop growing!

  2. The medal on the right is huge! And that appetizer, wow!*

  3. Aw.. Bean’s picture is so cute… Did she cry over it? Cause you two could have cried together. =) She’s way too cute btw.

    Looks like your off to a good start with your WL! =) Good job Jamie.

  4. Awesome job on losing 6 lbs…even if it is water weight. It’s still a change!

  5. Love all your photos! That salmon appetizer has my stomach growling! And congrats on the six pound difference! That’s awesome! 🙂

  6. congrats on that progress… amazing!! a few days of water, lean protein, fruits + veggies always helps me flush out the “gunk”. the bean is so cute 🙂

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