December Top 5

Well, hello there December! Where does the time go?

On the first of last month, I shared 5 November goals with you! Remember?

November Top 5

  • Find a vision on how to share the rest of October’s happenings. (more on that in the near-ish future)
  • Continue to improve on 5K timed-runs, leading up to the Turkey Trot.
  • Pack the Bean’s lunch every day, and cook dinner with her at least 3 times per week.
  • Enjoy each day…without worrying about the next.
  • Finish at least two books that I’ve been wanting to read…preferably with the Sweetheart in front of his fireplace!

Four out of five is pretty good

I did share as much as I could about October’s events pertaining to my adoption stories. I will have more for you at some point, but that will mostly be about November and beyond!

I did not continue to improve on my 5K, but at least I think I’ve figured out why! (See Tuesday’s post)

The Bean had a home-packed lunch every day in October! Yay! I’m really trying to cut out all processed foods in her lunch, and this month was a great step toward that!

Bullet four is only a sort-of success. I don’t think I will ever completely get through a month without some sort of worry, but I have come leaps and bounds from just a year and a half ago. Contentment, honesty, tough love, understanding, and simply knowing that I have no control even when I do worry, has helped me so much.

Remember that worry is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere at all.

Finally, I finished both The Hunger Games and Pocketful of Names this month. Winning!

So now what?

December Top 5

First and freaking foremost…

  • Take my final exam for my final class of my bachelor’s degree. GET’ER DONE! (Exam is on the 14th)
  • Keep holiday “stress” to a minimum by only holding the issues that are my own. Everyone is “stressed” this time of year, if I can help someone I will, if I can be an hear or a shoulder, I’m happy to…but…I will not take on anyone else’s issues that are not mine to take on.
  • Continue to pack to Bean’s lunches each day…working toward fully unprocessed, whole food lunches.
  • I would like to be 1/3 of the way toward my weight loss goal that I explained on Tuesday. That’s just over 4lbs, which I feel really good about. Yesterday shows that I’m down 6 lbs, but I will need until the end of the month to truly see what weight (no water) I’ve lost.
  • Finally, enjoy each day and remember to show the people I love just how special they are to me, everyday.

What does your list look like?

3 Comments to “December Top 5”

  1. Great goals! I’ve never written out monthly goals, but I might start.*

  2. Packing Bean’s lunch and cooking with her weekly was a good goal. I’m sure she’ll really cherish those times in the kitchen with you when she grows up! Times in the kitchen with my ma are some of my fondest memories. =D

    My goal for December is to enjoy each moment… And get better at capturing those memories with my camera. =) GL with your December goals, especially on your last final!

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