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Good morningish…or afternoon depending on where you are! I’m in between about 6 different projects, so this’ll be short and sweet…but it’s something I’ve wanted to show you for weeks! I wish I could post the whole film, but if you have Hulu or Netflix, you can watch it instantly.

Watch this now! No really…like…today!

Smart doctor types saying, “Heart disease is a completely toothless paper tiger that needs not exist” should pretty much grab our attention at the very least!

I also really like when the topic of severity is brought up. Many people openly say (and many articles have been written about) the “severity” of vegetarian and vegan diets and their “extreme” nature. The National Heart, Lung and Blood institute estimates that over 500,000 open heart surgeries are performed each year in the United States alone, with a majority of these surgeries being bypass surgeries. This surgery includes the opening of the entire front of the human chest, exposing the body to anesthesia, the elements, infection and in some circumstances, death. Healthy veins and arteries are taken from other parts of the body and then grafted into the unhealthy cardiac veins and arteries.

From the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute,

“Traditional heart surgery, often called open-heart surgery, is done by opening the chest wall to operate on the heart. Surgeons cut through the patient’s breastbone (or just the upper part of it) to open the chest.  

Once the heart is exposed, the patient is connected to a heart-lung bypass machine. The machine takes over the heart’s pumping action and moves blood away from the heart. This allows surgeons to operate on a heart that isn’t beating and that doesn’t have blood flowing through it.”

To me, that is severe and extreme.

Forks Over Knives aims at educating Americans about the nature of our current food culture, and the effects that culture is having on us, and our futures. It is hypothesized that our generation’s children will be the first to not outlive their parents. What a gift we’ve given our young people, yes?! No.

I am not a vegetarian, or a vegan…but I do believe in the concept of using our forks to feed, fuel and nurture our bodies in a way that will lessen the chances that a doctor will have to use a knife on me one day, and in a way that allows me a long, healthy life.

Forks Over Knives. Make it happen!

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