Into the wild blue yonder

Welcome back to the workweek! I hope your weekend left you refreshed, and ready to take on whatever your week throws at you!

We had a really great weekend, adventurous even!

Dad CYL took us out on a flying adventure on Saturday.

The Bean thought it was pretty darn cool…


…so did the Sweetheart and I! We got to see our city, the Black Hills, our houses. Big big fun, and a perfect day for it!

Sunday was spent on a run, at the gym, shooting arrows, hanging a new tree-stand, relaxing, and enjoying a fish fry with some of our favorite people.

I also finished this book…

…my first of 2012.

If you haven’t read The Hunger Games series yet, just do it! There is nothing about the series that I can even criticize, it was that good.  The last two lines of this final book will stay with me for a long time.

Week one of 1/2 marathon training is officially over, and week two is off to a great start.

Here’s what this week holds in store

Sunday – 1.5 mile run + 1 hr weights

Monday – 1 hour of yoga

Tuesday – 1 hour of cross-training

Wednesday – 3 miles w/ speedwork

Thursday – 1 hour of cross-training

Friday – 3 miles w/ hills

Saturday – rest

This week I’m also working on a long-overdue adoption story post for you, hope to get it up in the next few days!

Thought for the day:

Don’t wait for a special occasion to bring out your best…anything. Use those fancy dishes, wear that great outfit, say the words you’ve been afraid to, cook the special dinner…enjoy! Today is a special occasion!

2 Comments to “Into the wild blue yonder”

  1. i love this thought of the day! it’s so true… why do we need a “special occasion” to bring our best?

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