Attitude and Action

Oh…hi there! It’s been awhile, remember me?

I’m the gal who needs a few more hours in the day in order to get a blog post written! This last week has been insane…as in, crazy-town!

In the midst of the craziness, which I will get to in a minute, I’ve had an overwhelming feeling of peace and balance…which actually stemmed from a cranky attitude, and a bit of stubbornness.

You see, it all started last Tuesday with an email from the Sweetheart. He asked me about something that we’d been tentatively planning on for quite some time. Something that I have realized in the past month or so just doesn’t fit into my budget. I responded to his email, explaining that it was a no-go for me. Totally bummed out, I got crabby.

A little back story, I’ve been applying for jobs, very much on the down-low, since December, when a really great position opened up in town. Over the past few months, it has become very apparent to me that it is time to move on, and I wanted to honor that feeling by at least exploring my options. After that first resume was sent out, a friend sent me another posting that really peaked my interest with another company. I sent the contact my resume, but heard nothing back from them.

Back to last Tuesday, I became a little frustrated that I hadn’t heard back from the company that had received my resume nearly a month ago. So, I sent a follow-up email. I immediately received a link from the company to follow to upload my resume, and fill out some personal information. Moments after the completion of that, I received a call from the office. We spoke for a few moments, and they directed me to a slew of assessments required of all people chosen for…an interview.

What the what?!

An interview was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, the very next day. Apparently, they had never received my first email, where I had responded to the job post with my resume…and the office was closing ALL new interviews, scheduling final interviews with the regional VP…THAT day, and planning on making a hiring decision by Friday. Whoa!

Wednesday came and went, the interview was really wonderful. Professional, personal, and fun! They scheduled an interview with the regional VP for Thursday…which also came and went…followed by 3 phone interviews with other regional managers for Thursday evening.

By the time I got home on Thursday night, I was exhausted…and excited, and nervous. Every person I spoke with made me want to work with the company more…it seemed like the perfect fit.

Friday morning I received a call stating that I was a finalist for the position, 1 of 2, and that I would have an answer by Friday afternoon. At this point, I was a ball of nerves. I thought back on the prior few days, and it was at that point that I felt completely balanced (with the help of some humor from my friends). I had, in a matter of two days, gone from not being a candidate, to taking part in 5 interviews, to being a finalist…all because I had gotten crabby about not being able to afford something in my budget, and decided to DO something about it, and follow-up with a job lead.

THAT, my friends is the power of attitude and action. So many times in my past, I’ve been a victim. “Oh, poor me…I can’t afford that” or “Oh, so sad…look at how I’ve been treated” …instead of looking  at the situation as an opportunity and doing something about it.

If you’ve put in the hard work to set your life up for what you want it to be … go do it!  What is holding you back? Is it comfort that is keeping you from making a change? Is it lack of obstacles leading you to say, “oh, things are ok right now…I’ll go after that dream some other time.” Or, is it fear of rejection?

The obstacles in our lives can be big or small, and they can either lead to a healthy frustration that change can be born from…or to self pity. The cool thing is that we get to decide! The choice is ours.

These obstacles can be as large as health concerns, family problems, grief, depression, serious financial insecurity…on and on. Or, they can be as small as an inability to add something to your budget, which was the case for me.

Either way, if you’ve put in the hard work…what is keeping you from using the obstacle as an opportunity? What is keeping you from using a positive attitude to drive the momentum of action forward?

By Friday afternoon, I realized I really had nothing to loose. I have worked hard to earn the qualifications required of the job description, and have built relationships with people who gave me shining references. (Thank you, by the way!) I have a steady, flexible job that supports my family. I am young and there will be a thousand other opportunities.  I am healthy, as is my family. It was a great experience to  interview again, which I hadn’t done in years. If I did not get the job, I still have a privileged life, supportive family, and awesome friends. I have done the very best that I can. That was all that I could do. The rest was not in my control.

When attitude meets action, very little is out of reach.

This does not mean we will always get what we want, or even what we have worked really hard for. I’ve had my share of rejection, but that rejection led me to work hard, and prepare for the next opportunity.

When that opportunity presented itself, I was ready.

I start my new job in 2 weeks. 🙂

What obstacles have presented themselves in your life? Do you look at them as misfortune, or as opportunity?

8 Comments to “Attitude and Action”

  1. Congratiolations on the new job. Sound like you’re going to fit right in. I’m happy for you!

    I believe everything happens for a reason, and yes I always try and live by: When one door closes another opens. I have a story about it as well.

    In 2004 I was granted a pension due to my health, 28 days later I lost my mum. I was living in a house, that was nearly falling apart, and with no chance of a job to get money to fix it, the future looked sort of grim. Just for the readers information, I had moved 2½ hours drive away from where I originally lived and was raised. So in 2006 (in 2005 I spent most of my time in the hospital and having major surgery). I realised it was big decission time! What to do, where to live, and how to go about it. Well…..! Clearly I was going to sell the house, that was becoming a mill stone around my neck, both in terms of the many repairs needed but also because of the garden, I didn’t have the strength for anymore. So where did I want to live? I did a lot of soul searching but realised that I had to go back to where I came from, and not least to my beloved race horses. That was way easier than done. The aerea is highly expensive and dosen’t have a lot of rented accomodation. So from the get go, it looked bleak to say the least, but I’m not normally one to give up. We have an alternative form of housing – cooperative housing, that could have been a possibility. I tried contacting everyone I could think of, and started writing to the latter to get signed up, which was also very difficult and not least normally you’d been on a waiting list for years. Anyway that has all changed since that form has changed to people can freely sell.

    I knew my dad had a connection that had an apartment building but didn’t think it was possible. I of course told him about my dream of going back and he said he’d try everyting he could. An boy did he! Within a month of our talking about it he phoned and said I had to come have a look at this flat. It was the place I most wanted to live and the flat was simply PERFECT in every way. To make a long story short. I got the flat and I moved in here 1st. May 2006, and I’m LOVING it. My house got sold within 6 month and broke even (I didn’t think it would sell). Everything just fell into place. So yes I believe!

  2. Congratulations Jamie. So glad you have got the job you want. Hope the Sweetheart is also pleased for you. What will you be doing in this job. Is it administrative or something practical? Heaven knows how you find the hours to do all that you do. Good luck for two weeks time.

  3. YAHOOO!!!! Congrats on the new job lady! That’s SO exciting.

    I totally know what you mean about attitude and actoin, about a year ago I HATED my job and it was affecting every aspect of my life. So my husband and I decided that I would start interviewing for jobs in Utah, and a few months later I landed my ideal job. All I needed to do was “pick myself up by the bootstraps” so to speak, and go after it!

    Congrats again! I know you don’t want to write about it on the blog, but I’d love to hear more about your new job! E-mail me deets if you have time 🙂

  4. That is awesome news. Good for you for getting out there and making it happen! Wishing you all the best in your new endeavor and since this is your last two weeks at your current job could you snag me a few pens and some post its?

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