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June 10, 2012

The Marathon Project – Day 1 – Week 1

I love Sundays! It’s such a great day to start fresh!

 Generally, marathoners-in-training use Sunday as their “long run” day…and while I usually would as well, today I did not! My “long run” is only about 4 miles right now…so I figured I’d put it off until tomorrow morning and use today for cross-training!

My cross training of choice this time of year is road cycling. There is something amazing about being out on the road, on a bike, that makes me incredibly happy!

Today’s ride was a 32 miler on an amazing prairie ranch road near the foothills of the Black Hills. If you look really closely, you can see Mt. Rushmore in the distance.

This out-and-back seemed pretty easy-going on the way out…but when we turned around at about the point this picture was taken, we realized that we’d had a pretty nice tailwind the entire way out. We were completely spent by the time the car was in view!

Day 1 – Cross-training – 32 Mile Bike Ride – Check!

Here’s a look at the rest of week 1 in my marathon project!

Sunday – Cross-train

Monday – 4 mile AM run/PM Yoga

Tuesday – AM Strength/PM Timed 2 miler

Wednesday – PM Trail Run 3-4 Miles

Thursday – AM Strength

Friday – AM Easy 3 Miles

Saturday – 1 Hour hike/bike/jog

Week 1 Miles Run Goal: 13

What are your goals for this upcoming week…and how are you planning to reach them?!

Have an amazing evening!