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June 11, 2012

The Marathon Project – Day 2 – Week 1

Have I mentioned before how much I love me some yoga?! Sigh.

It is true…especially after yesterday’s bike ride! An hour of forward folds and deep twists was just what I needed to unwind my muscles, and my brain.

Day Two – Week 1 – Check!

I’ve been thinking today about why I came up with the name, “The Marathon Project.” Basically, I didn’t. I’m pretty deep into “The Happiness Project”, and Author Gretchen Rubin (review to come…but trust me, go read it!) has been writing about starting your own Happiness Project. I’m in love with the book…and every time I think about what my happiness project would look like, I think about running and writing. Hence…well, you know!

For me, the important part isn’t what makes me happy, or what I name my own project…but the idea of a project in general. What is a project? What words, or ideas, come to mind when the wordprojectis heard or read?

For me, a project is a process…and Ilove working through a process! A process has direction, planning, and execution. Most importantly though, a process has a formula…a proven function to it that is known to produce certain results. In, “The Happiness Project” the formula was monthly resolutions that led to a certain anticipated result. In my Marathon Project, the formula is simply a training plan. A simple plan that works me through a process in which my goal may be reached.

In my mind, a project is a process driven by a formula. There must be an idea, a goal, a plan, commitment, and execution. Understanding the broken-down simplicity of this project, or any project, gives me peace in knowing I can accomplish what I look toward.

What project are you working on right now, and what goal is it leading you toward?

Happy Monday!