TMP – Day 7 – Week 1

Rounding out week one in style…with an hour and a half of boot camp!


I was a bit short on both my mileage and my strength training this week, so I thought I’d at least get the strength training in!

Boot camp was followed by a delicious brunch…

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Waffles at Tally’s Silver Spoon. Three Cheers!!

The afternoon was spent playing in the pool and relaxing…sigh.

Looking back on week 1 makes me remember how difficult committing to a race is, and it’s only week 1!! Finding time for everything else often means cutting out a mile here or there…and this week I’m short 5 miles. But…I’m trying to look at it as committing not to a race, but to myself. I want to start really treating myself the way I desire others to. That means that the last thing that I should be cutting out is the training it takes to reach the desired outcome for The Marathon Project!

With that in mind, I welcome the beginning of week 2!

Have an amazing evening!

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