TMP – Day 9 – Week 2

Sunrise run!

5 miles in temperatures under 70 degrees! Gorgeous!

Even though it was 5:00am…I wasn’t the only creature up and ready to take on the day…

I was honestly super sore during most of the run. It didn’t hurt any worse to run than it did to walk…but I still did a combination of both.

A big day at work, as usual on a Monday! Sitting down and standing up still felt terrible, (remember boot camp?!) but I knew I’d feel better after some yoga…

…and I was right! I can honestly say that I have no pain right now. Love me some yoga!

So true!

I often hear in class to “practice intention” or to “practice with intention.” It got me thinking…

Intention: The act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

I would love an “intention” philosophy like the one the Yoga Studio has posted. I guess we could all have a hundred of them for different areas of our lives…but I love the way the above captures a very broad, but incredibly specific, thought.

What would your intention philosophy be?

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