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June 20, 2012

TMP – Day 11 – Week 2

Another double today! Whew!

The morning started at the city track when a very sweet friend of mine, who also happens to have worked in personal training, invited me out with a small group that she leads in interval training! Again I say, WHEW!

10 handstand pushups

10 lunges

10 dips

10 burpees

1 lap with stadium stairs when possible


And that was the warm up!!

To finish it off we did 3 rounds of 4 minute work/rest intervals that included:

Sit ups

Push ups


Greatworkout! Thanks Mo!

Fast forward to runners club…

The sun had come out…but the trails were m-u-d-d-y from an early afternoon downpour! Fun, and a great practice in concentration. We got in about 3 miles.

It’s been a really great week so far, and I’ve been feeling strong…or at least like I’m getting stronger.

Tomorrow…a rest day!