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June 25, 2012

TMP – Day 16 – and an Amazing Meal!

Happy Monday!!

As promised…a semi-rest day! After-work yoga was just what I needed.

I’d planned on catching up on some housework when I got home…but suddenly it’s almost 10:00pm.

Hungry, and with a little time to spare, here’s what I did instead…

…with a basket full of leftovers, what is a girl to do?

Well, you chop up the Brussel spouts…

…cook up some tofu…

…steam an artichoke and cut out its’ heart…

…Sautee it all up with some pine nuts and garlic…

…and you’ve got yourself a Monday (or Tues- Sun) night meal! Yum!!

Housework is yet to be completed, but my belly (and my yoga muscles) are happy.


Click here for the original recipe that this was added on to from Jenna over at Eat Live Run.

She’s a rock star!