Book Review – Safe Haven

Last week I finished Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. I needed a push out of my mountain climber rut, and this was it! Although, it’s not going to launch me into any new Sparks rut. One solid romance drama is enough for me for a while.

safe haven

Katie, a lost 20 something on the run finds a new home in Southport, NC. In starting over, she meets new friends, a mysterious neighbor, and a widower with 2 young children…who she quickly falls for.

Working through the process of trusting another person again, Katie soon finds that she will have to confront her violent past in order to move on, and we learn just how terrible her past truly was.

While I would recommend this book for a quick entertainment fix, I really didn’t find it riveting. Shocking, I know! I couldn’t really fall for Katie, or the love story between her and the widower. While both characters were very likeable…they just didn’t seem real to me. That said, the story fell out of true Sparks nature in that it ended happily…with no tragic death or sorrow. Thank goodness…remember A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Message in a Bottle, Dear John, or At First Sight?!

Bus crash, everybody dies. No thank you!

I’m certain I’ll still take time to watch the movie though…coming out soon! Hopefully I can scam find a friend bored enough to make the trek to the theater with me!

Happy Tuesday! What are you up to this week? We’ve officially de-Christmas’d our house, and it’s been above freezing the last 4 days! Woot! I’ve also started finding myself completing workouts in…the pool. Yes, I’m jumping back in to swimming after a 5 year break…and am really loving it! More on that later, but let’s just say I’m branching out in the world of fitness!

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