A Random Tuesday Pondering

We live in a time where a woman’s beauty is defined almost solely by the size of whatever we can measure on her; her waist, breasts, legs, lashes, the fullness of her lips, the sheen of her hair, the whiteness of her teeth, and the perfection of her skin. At what point did these things take the place of a woman’s capacity for utterly fierce knowledge, integrity, honor, success, partnership, and nurturing of family, friends and the human race? Moreover, at what point did we, as women, start to accept this change?

I am a woman who no longer physically appears to be the same person I was even a few years ago…and this is true! My sides are softer, but my mind is sharper. My curves are more defined, as is my integrity. My ability to run long distances has decreased, but my ability to persevere has never been stronger. The calories I consume are probably at an all time high, but my failures as a partner, a mother, and a professional are at an all time low. I will not secretly eat chemically altered diet foods in order to keep off a couple of pounds ever again, but I will enjoy a glass of wine alongside a beautiful meal that someone who loves me has made. I no longer know the feeling of a flat, hard stomach…but instead know the love of a young daughter who can read a book, write a story, solve a math problem, cook a meal, empathize with others, and make people laugh.

Knowing these things does not mean I do not have room to achieve great things with the strength of my body, nor does it make me perfect, completely secure in myself, or worry-free. But it does make me damn fierce…and that is beautiful.

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