On Being an Enthusiast:

I am a health, fitness, food, people, book, cooking, adoption, and all-around life lover, who adores my family and friends. I am an enthusiast, not an expert. That goes for anything (anything) I write about. Anything you read on this blog is my own opinion pertaining to what does, or does not, work for me. Please keep that in mind.

On Changing My Mind:

Also, please remember that my opinion today may be different from my opinion next week, or tomorrow for that matter. Because I am always learning, my opinion is always changing. At times, my opinion will be in direct opposition of your opinion…and that is ok. I reserve the right to have the opinions I do, to change my mind, and to be totally wrong sometimes.

On Privacy:

To protect the privacy of my friends and family, all names (except my own, and those involved with Search Quest America) have been changed. Some of them I have chosen, and some have chosen their own.

On Commenting:

Feel free to comment, argue, disagree, educate or simply share a thought…but understand vulgar or abusive comments toward myself, or other readers, will not be published.

Anonymous comments will also not be published.

On Product Reviews:

From time-to-time, organizations may offer products or services at a discounted rate in exchange for a review or article. If accepted, my review or article will be unbiased, and written without concern for the fact that I was in some way compensated for the review or article. Currently, the only partnership I have in place is with Search Quest America.

That’s it, now get back to the fun stuff!

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