Welcome to my fitness page! This is where you will find all things running/biking/yoga related.

I have grown to absolutely love and depend on the time I set aside in my week to feel strong, flexible and fit. It has been a lifestyle change that has allowed me to view food as highly-valuable fuel, to view alone-time on the pavement as much needed therapy, and to view myself as a strong, powerful woman. I no longer see my body as an ornament for others, but as an instrument: capable of speed, power and beauty all on its own.

Please stay tuned as this page grows!

Remember, I am in no way an expert on the subject of running, yoga or biking (or, anything for that matter, except maybe human resource management, but I may lose readers blogging too much about that). I am an enthusiast. What works for my body may or may not work for yours. Finding what works, what’s fun, and what you will stick with, is the key to making a permanent change in your life!

Running Posts

My Love Affair with Running – motivation to get started, or for getting back on track!

Fall Running Gear – all my must-haves for the Fall running season.

The Sweetheart Knot – How a simple knot changed my runs!

All About Yoga

Yoga Love – One of my very favorite things!

The Doorway – another lesson learned.

One Comment to “Fitness”

  1. Are there any fun runs down in the black hills you could tell me about?

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